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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

our mini-golf family day

Last Saturday we had a fun family afternoon. After swinging through Canes (hey, it was on the way ok? Plus we had free boxes and kids meals we used) we head to Malibu Grand Prix to play mini-golf, bumper boats and ride the go-carts. Well at least for those tall enough to enjoy the latter two. 

We started with a round of mini-golf. Micah and Abby were very excited. They remembered playing when we went to Lake Conroe with my parents. Daddy tried to help Micah with his swing... but Micah wanted to do it himself instead. Micah doing it himself rarely goes over 4 strokes. He tries to hit it several times, then carries it close to the hole and taps it in. He's not done until it's fully in the hole. 

Abby, Micah and Alexis were very patient and enjoyed watching as we all took our turns. We did play with a 4 stroke maximum (for Beau and I) so that they wouldn't have to wait too long.  
 Next up was the bumper boats. Micah was super bummed he wasn't tall enough but he enjoyed watching Abby and Daddy in the boats. It hadn't dawned on me that bumper boats would have water cannons but it was quite amusing to watch especially when I saw that. I'm thankful that the weather was just perfect to enjoy being outside but not too cold that being wet was something to be upset about. 
 Daddy was a good sport and took most of the spray, but you can see Abby's enjoying herself here. 
 Uh oh... looks like everyone is gonna get wet now!
 My sweet, wet, Abby.
After the bumper boats we walked over the go karts but they were too fast and noisy for Abby's liking and our time was limited as I had to be at Church that evening so it was either go karts or spending some time in the arcade. The arcade won the vote. I would have loved to try out the go karts but Abby didn't want to go and Micah again wasn't tall enough (grow Micah grow!) so that made the vote easily in the arcade's favor. Plus Daddy really likes the arcade games. I can't say I mind playing skeeball too much. 

Daddy and Abby rocked it at this game where you dropped tokens in.... it takes longer than one might think for 200 tickets to come out of the machine. They just kept coming and coming.... 
So if you are sitting around your house today wondering what to do with the kids out of school all week, why not go play some mini-golf, bumper boats or race each other in the go-karts at Malibu Grand Prix?  Go have some family fun and avoid the crowds at the grocery stores and malls. 

I think we'll be going back. Beau already wants to go back for a date night to play more mini-golf and see if he can beat me. I don't think he can. He might be able to out play me in a real round of golf (as I don't play at all) but I've got him in mini-golf. 



jessica said...

I haven't been there in forever, it's so much fun there! What a good idea to have a date night there too.

Traci said...

It looks like so much fun!

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