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Sunday, November 04, 2012

Malibu Grand Prix

Malibu San Antonio has everything you need to celebrate birthdays, have a party, corporate parties, events and team building, and for family gatherings. It's the perfect place for friends and families to get together and cut loose with fun, games, and great food. With Bumper Boats, Go Karts, Arcade, Miniature Golf, Batting Cages, and so much more, there's every way to play at Malibu San Antonio! 

If you are a blogger nearby and are free this Saturday and want to join in on some fun - leave me a comment or email me and I can send you the information! 

If you can't join us, here's a coupon you can use on a visit in the future. 

Malibu Grand Prix also has rewards for students with good attendance, grades and doing your homework! Lots of opportunities to earn some tokens for your visit. 

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1 comment :

Unknown said...

I know this comment has absolutely NOTHING to do with this post - but I don't know any other way to contact you.

Zulily has LSU Tigers Piggy Paint nail polish and I thought of you the second I saw it.