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Wednesday, November 28, 2012


What a past week + it's been. The Thursday before Thanksgiving break, Lexie had a well check, then she ran a slight fever the next day. The next day after that, the first day of Thanksgiving break, Abby woke up sick. Thus started the cold that won't leave through our family taking out everyone. First Abby, then Micah, mommy, daddy and finally now Lexie. So here's our Thanksgiving break in instagrams because  being sick on Thanksgiving means the 'real' 'big girl' camera didn't come out to play. 
Micah gave Lexie her first driving lesson at HEB while we got our Thanksgiving grocery shopping on. She had a blast sitting in the buggy like a big girl instead of being worn in the carrier by mommy. 
  • Back on my birthday weekend, Beau wrecked his truck and we've had to get him a new car which isn't a fun as it sounds like it should be finding the right car for the right price. So we spent lots of time on car lots while he test drove and looked at various cars. We found this pretty butterfly on one of them. 
  • Lexie was a happy camper on Thanksgiving. I love this sweet dress. Is it acceptable to wear turkeys after Thanksgiving? I am regretting that I didn't take more pictures of her in it. 

  • Being sick means family quiet time turned into everyone napped. It made bedtime harder but it was much needed for everyone to get some rest to feel better.

  • My parents (and brother) braved our germs to come have Thanksgiving with us. We did go out on Black Friday to Home Depot for Poinsettias and a few screws to put hardware back on the dresser they refinished for Micah. 
  • Black Friday also meant game day! Pops, Gigi and Beau all had on very similar shirts. 

  • Family movie night with cozy blankets. 
  • Micah finally got a much needed haircut. He looks so handsome and like a little boy! 

  • This week I've been working on a little Christmas crafting and decorating. I'm so excited about my little project. Will shared the completed project once I'm done decorating - probably on Monday. :) 
  • My parents also refinished my high chair from when I was a baby that was living at my grandparents house. It's so cute! It will make a great first birthday accent. I can't believe I just said first birthday. It's totally right around the corner now. 



Perfectly Jenn said...

I seriously hope my kids are as cute as yours are! Love seeing their sweet faces!

Going now to see if you've posted on your projects!
Can your parents refinish my old wood high chair?!!

Thanks for linking up! Sorry I'm so behind on getting over here

Perfectly Jenn said...
This comment has been removed by the author.