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Wednesday, November 07, 2012


  • Abby got her first report card of the year last Friday. She got all E's and Sonic seemed like a good way to celebrate. 
  • Saturday, I work in the Church nursery. We only had two toddlers in my class (and 3 teachers - Saturday is hard to plan for because you may have a few or you may have a lot and you certainly don't want to turn away anyone!) While we were in Bible class I could see Lexie having her Bible class through the one way window. 

  • Sunday afternoon, we went out to run some errands and ended up spending some time looking at the train. Abby and especially Micah both loved the train. 
  • When we got home the neighbors' cat was back on our driveway. Of course the kids were thrilled to pet the kitty. 

  • I think I'm in trouble with this girl. She's taken a step up from simply climbing in the baby bouncy seat and standing to using it to climb on the table. I could simply put it away but it's good a keeping her away from the cords that I'm stumped on how to baby proof that are right behind it. 
  • Tuesday nights Beau teaches a combat class right before the cycle class I like. So in order for the littles to stay on schedule, have dinner, bath and their normal bedtime routine we do a quick swap  of kids and cars in the gym parking lot. It's a little extra effort but worth it since we no longer have a morning cycle class. (Sadly it's looking like the evening one won't last that much longer with very low attendance) 
What have you been up to lately? 


1 comment :

Perfectly Jenn said...

Oh no! Looks like you do have your hands full!
I would want to jump out of the car and pet that pretty kitty too - smart kiddos!

Thanks for linking up girlie!