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Thursday, November 15, 2012

insta-lately (a day late) + a winner

Busy seems to be an understatement for our week this past week. The hubs got in a little fender bender on my birthday weekend at the end of October. His truck was older and several panels were damaged so it was totaled. So this week has been car shopping week which we quickly learned is not as fun as it sounds. On top of that our rental car time was up on Tuesday so we've been a one car family while car shopping. I think we've finally found him a car but they need to service and detail it so I'll be carless this weekend until it's ready. Car shopping + other activities + the hubs with a week off work while they remodel at his work = little time for blogging so I'm a day late on this insta-latley link up.  
  •  Saturday night after Bible class, our dear Bibleland Buddies director, fed us all a spaghetti dinner and we had a movie set up in the amphitheater. Micah told me at least 3 times how tasty and yummy the spaghetti was. Alexis thoroughly enjoyed a piece of garlic bread and when she got fidgety (because it was past bedtime) she thought it would be a good facial and rubed the bread she was holding all over her and my face. Ha! 
  • Micah and I enjoyed a fun morning playing with his toy story toys while Lexie napped. I was holding his T-Rex in the air to "talk" to his Buzz and Micah corrected me that dinosaurs can't fly but that dragons could (and breathe fire) as does Superman and Spiderman (because they have capes in case you were wondering.) I love my sweet little guy! 

  • With car shopping we've spent more time than usual in the car, especially in the afternoon around naptime for Lexie. This means Micah's also had a car nap 3 out of the last 4 days. That's a lot for my little guy who hasn't napped in the past 6 months or so.

  • I'm thrilled that Lexie is still small enough that she gets to wear Abby's 3-6 month red polka dot jacket at least a couple times before she outgrows it. I love this little jacket. Thankful that fall has finally decided to come to Texas. 
  • Micah loved seeing the ducks this morning down at the Pearl. I loved exploring the Pearl and obviously didn't know what I was missing having not been there before today! 

  • This morning, I took the little two up to meet a sweet friend I've meet through blogging for a balloon release to honor her friend's daughter who passed away. I'm so glad we got to go out and spend the morning with her and her younger two kids. 
What have you been up to lately? 

Also thanks to those who prayed for my sweet little niece Vivien. She's doing better with each day and hopefully going home isn't too far away at this point.

And finally I've randomly selected a winner for the Melissa and Doug toy giveaway. The winner has been e-mailed. 



Traci said...

Cute pics! I hate car shopping too which is another reason we keep our cars for awhile. Have a great weekend.

Sage Grayson said...

Too cute! We watch the ducks in the pond behind our house too. Fall is my favorite time of year. I love the weather, the food, and spending time cuddling with my loved ones. :)

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