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Thursday, November 01, 2012

Halloween 2012

Hope ya'll had a great Halloween! Are you contemplating making all the candy disappear already or is it just me? A friend of mine put up a challenge, or maybe she just said she was doing it and asked if anyone wanted to join in on "no sweets November." I'm taking her up on it... though I'm starting tomorrow because I couldn't resist a couple more candies. I think I'm going to let each kid pick 10 or so and then get rid of the rest somewhere. Especially since little Micah thinks he's sneaky and is constantly trying to sneak candy when he shouldn't. So from now until Thanksgiving - no sweets for me. (By my definition that equals candy & cookies) Though I think I'm going to make one exception because I promised a few friends I'd teach them how to make macarons but I'm going to send almost all the ones we make home with them and I can't make them without at least tasting one. 

Since it's now November I did my first Christmas shopping this morning, picking up a fireman costume for Micah 50% off. Maybe now he'll dress up in that instead of Abby convincing him to wear Princess dresses and old ballet recital costumes. 

The hubs unfortunately had to work last night so it was me and the three littles trick-or-treating on our own this year. They weren't too into a little photoshoot before hand. This was my test shot as I set my camera settings and it turned out to be on of the ones the kids looked best in. Too bad my focus wasn't set right.  
 Micah was all about making his horse 'neigh' for the camera.... which meant lots of shots of the horse covering a majority of his face or some really funny faces. (Can you find Lexie?)
 Speaking of funny faces, this girl thought it'd be fun to have mommy take pictures of her making funny faces. Love this sweet heart. She was such a sweet helper last night, walking with me and waiting for Micah to go up to houses with him and helping him. 
 When we first went out a little after 6:30 there was no one out! Seriously, it felt like it we had the date wrong or something! We have other kids on our street but no one was out yet (and our trick or treat time is officially 6-8) We headed back deeper into the neighborhood and saw a few people but not many until a little after 7. Then when it got dark everyone was out. 

Micah was a tired guy to start with and rode most of the way in the stroller not wanting to walk at all. So every house I'd have to get him out and in the stroller at each house. 
Of course when it got dark, my kids were tired because our normal bedtime is 7pm. We trick or treated until about 7:30 when Lexie had enough (yogurt melts saved the night as I was feeding her those the whole second half of the loop we went on) The kids had a blast and racked up lots of candy. They did get a little scared of anyone wearing a scary mask, especially after it got dark, so we avoided the impressive looking haunted house that was set up in our neighborhood even though it was 'no scares' from 6:30-7:30. 

Both kids were total sweet hearts when I put read to them and put them to bed though. I love my little ones! 

1 comment :

jessica said...

The kids look so sweet!!! I'm glad y'all got to have a little fun even though hubby wasn't there. Do y'all get a lot of trick or treaters in your neighborhood?