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Monday, November 19, 2012

Cane's in town

Earlier this month, something we've been waiting for, finally opened in San Antonio. Well at least one we could go to. See we had one in town but it was in the airport... behind security in Terminal A. A place you can't get to unless you have a plane ticket and a plane departing from Terminal A. Not too funny to have one in town but you can't eat there. So finally a Cane's opened in town... and not only that but actually pretty close to us! 

Abby got introduced to it when they opened on near my parents. She loves it because of the mascot. Raisin Cane... the dog. 

This of course is going to be very dangerous. See Cane's started in Baton Rouge, their first location was right off the LSU campus, near the BCM and my hubs dorm and it was open ridiculously late. So it quickly became a good hangout place. I think it accounted for maybe 10 of the hubs freshman 15 and maybe 5 of mine. 
Lexie approves of the never frozen, fresh chicken. I agree it's pretty tasty. They specialize in chicken fingers. They do have a sandwich... of course it has chicken fingers on it. I've never once had Cane's that I can remember where my chicken wasn't super hot and fresh. We always joke that how can a restaurant that only has one option take so long but it's because it's always fresh. 
Daddy hoarded all the Cane's sauce. Part of what makes this so tasty to him. Micah wanted ketchup anyway so he wasn't too upset. 
Yup... we'll be back. 


Traci said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE Canes!! Had it for lunch Saturday.

jessica said...

I so need to try out this place!

Jenny said...


Mal told me that you found her blog randomly! What a small world. :)

I've been following your blog for a while now, but never commented (at least I don't think). I love watching your little ones grow up and seeing you and Beau as the terrific parents that y'all are!

It does not seem possible that freshman year at the BCM was almost 10 years ago!!

So glad y'all got a Cane's too! :)