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Tuesday, October 09, 2012

Super Hubs

So I've just got to brag on the husband today. So I'm sure all the other moms of littles can relate that the grocery store is not always the happiest place on earth to go. I mean getting away to HEB without a little one is almost a vacation. So he knew I wasn't wanting to go grocery shopping yesterday with all three in two (since Abby had a school holiday) and offered to bring home groceries in the morning. This morning he didn't think he could get home in time to have the car to take Abby to school if he got to groceries - which isn't a big deal most day - in fact it's almost faster to walk than drive some days. However this morning it would have required waking up Alexis and put me behind in getting ready to go to teach Bible class. So I told him it was fine just bring home something crunchy for Abby's lunch and a baby food pouch for Alexis to take with me to Bible class. Instead he speed shops, brings home the groceries, I run Abby out to the car and get ready for Bible class. He comes home unloads the groceries and helps me get the kids ready to go. 

Then in the afternoon I took out chicken for dinner and left him with a soon to wake up from nap Alexis and Micah while I took Abby to gymnastics. When I got home dinner was ready for the kids so I could feed and bathe them before I headed off to MOPS. 

So after a complex switch off routine that involved me putting the freshly bathed kids in jammies, driving them to the gym where he was teaching body combat, dropping them off in childwatch for 30 minutes, switching vehicles while I went off to MOPS and he took the kids home for books, brushing teeth and bed.  (I just can't seem to make Tuesdays less busy and always have things pop up on Tuesdays and not any other night!) 

I got home a bit before 9 and he had not one, not two but all three babies to sleep. I say he gets a trophy for being a super hubby for the day. Don't you think? 

day 9


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