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Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday sick day

Last night after I got the kids to bed, I laid down and felt my eyes get heavy, that sick, tired heavy and alternated between too warm and too cold. I hadn't felt bad until I laid down but then I could tell I was seemingly getting a cold. The kids had seemed to be fighting one off all week - never getting sick but they had {clear} runny noses and Micah seemed run down and crankier than normal. 

Thankfully the girls all slept in the morning... until 8:40 which is a shocker because normally Lexie wakes up with Micah around 7. Micah had woken up and helped himself to the iPad and was content to watch reading rainbow. 

Since I was only feeling about 75%, not sick but not great either, we had a lazy at home day. Abby and Micah were sweet hearts and content to play with each other for most of the day (when they weren't trying to take off with the ipad and hide in Abby's closet with it.) Their current favorite game is where they ride around on the rocking horse and rocking elephant playing a pretend game they made up based  on a my little pony show they watched. 

When Lexie went down for her afternoon nap, I took a nap with her and thankfully woke up feeling better. We spent the evening having a game night where I taught Abby and Micah how to play Mario Kart on the Wii. I swear that boys have some kind of gene built in that makes them better at video games. Micah got the hang of it a lot faster than Abby and actually beat her often. Shh! Don't tell her that though. 
The downside to being sick today meant we didn't make it to Church, didn't get out to the pumpkin patch for picture attempt number 2 and I missed an event I was planning on attending this evening but I think we all needed to down day to rest before a busy week. 
day 13


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