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Wednesday, October 17, 2012

random ramblings

This week is a crazy busy week, but a good week no the less. So far anyway. 

Abby and Micah are crazy, full of energy this week it seems and keeping me on my toes. Yesterday was our "busy" day with Bible class and gymnastics. By the time dinner rolled around I was ready for my cycle class for a chance to work out and work out some tension from a certain can be stubborn three year old. I love him to death by man he was testing me yesterday with his tantrum over his train tracks not being the "right way" and me having to stop playing choo-choo to cook dinner. 

Today, inspired by my friend Stephanie, we made some caramel corn and packaged quite a bit up to give away as little teacher gifts. It's a wonderful idea to package quite a bit up to give away otherwise I'd be constantly munch on it! So tasty! I added in some Reese's pieces and candy corn. I really wanted some mellowcreme pumpkins but Target didn't have any. Major bummer. Those are my favorite halloween candy. Guess not having the temptation in my house is a good thing. Tis the season of lots of treats.... and I'm not sure I can fit doubling my gym time into the schedule! 
Happy Wednesday everyone! 

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