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Sunday, October 07, 2012

pumpkin patch - take 1

Yesterday morning when Beau got home from work, Alexis was happy and playing and barely feverish despite her feverish night. So we went ahead with our plan to go to the pumpkin patch since she wasn't going to be interacting with anyone else that she might get sick and she was in a good mood, not acting sick at all. 

Alexis had other ideas though, when we got there she was happy as she normally is, until she was put down and wasn't being held anymore. 
 So I took a few pictures of just Abby and Micah while Daddy held Miss Lexie (who was again happy to watch.)
 So we moved and thought maybe if she was on a flat ground instead of a hay bale she'd like to explore the pumpkins and I could maybe get a shot of everyone. She didn't go for it though. 
So Abby and Micah got to each pick out a little pumpkin and we called it a morning. We'll go back and try the whole pumpkin patch photo shoot another day. It's still a little early to buy a big pumpkin to carve/paint for the porch anyway. 

 day 7

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