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Tuesday, October 02, 2012

plans gone awry: day 2: 31 days to break out of the rut

 Tuesdays are my busy day. It's go-go-go. I can't seem to slow it down either because I keep adding things to do on Tuesdays. Mornings are Bible class, afternoons are gymnastics for Abby, and teaching combat for Beau. This week I also added in a workroom training at Abby's school so I can go in and make copies/laminate ect as needed to help Abby's teacher and cycle class starts back tonight. 

Changing the routine is tough. It resulted in some serious meltdowns tonight. With the new cycle class at 7, it's right at bedtime and Beau teaches the combat class right before rom 6-7. So I got dinner together while Beau took Abby to gymnastics. Kids were fed while Beau headed off to combat, then everyone got baths and jammies. Then instead of going to bed, we headed up to the gym. The plan was a quick kid/car swap and Beau would take them back home and I'd stay for cycle. Things however don't always work out as planned. 

See the cycle instructor wasn't there at 7... so since Beau teaches there, he got in contact with the group ex director and we waited. Waited with Abby and Micah running around... and me wishing I had just signed them into childcare instead of having them run around the group ex room, trying to climb on the bikes, trying to play with the exercise band for the ab class.... doing everything except using their listening ears because they were wound up and up past their bedtime. 

Eventually we called the class cancelled, no one ever was able to get in touch with the girl who was supposed to be teaching. Kids were in full, meltdown, up past bedtime mode when we got back home. They don't do well up late when they are tired. Yikes! They are great at going with the flow a lot of the time but past bedtime they are wild, crazy and prone to major meltdowns. 

Wish I could say I had confidence we'll keep cycle for a while but there were only 3 of us waiting for the class anyway. Which if that's the numbers it will get then it'll be cancelled in like 2 weeks. 

At least we made Abby and Micah's night by seeing a full family group of deer with 3 females, 3 babies and a male. They were so excited to see them. Even before we saw them and saw the tracks in the mud near our car they were excited. 

So what are the odds we have a cycle class on Thursday? And the odds that anyone is there besides the instructor and I?

The Nester: 31 Days

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