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Wednesday, October 03, 2012

Micah: day 3: 31 days to break out of the rut

Micah is such a sweet heart lately. In between his asking for "nacks" every two seconds. In the mornings if he and Alexis wake up early before Abby is up, he is so happy she's awake and wants to play with her. I still have to remind him to be gentle and that he can't wrestle with her but he loves to play with his baby sister. His favorite things to do during the day are play choo-choo with me and to ride his bike. I'll also catch him playing "friend" - a game Abby made up and taught him - basically having two or more of their toys "talking" and playing with each other. If I can see/hear him and he doesn't know I'm watching I love to watch his imagination. He's always so excited to see Abby come home from school. Today he came with Alexis and I to pick up Abby from school and he was so excited to see Abby that he ran up to her and walked with her in her line holding her hand. So sweet! Even Abby's teacher smiled at the cuteness! 

He does still have his toddler moments... often... especially when he doesn't get his way and he's hungry. Which he's hungry often it seems. He asks for "nacks" 50 times a day. It's his moment often used phrase. This morning he had breakfast and a snack in the hour between waking up and heading to the gym. After an hour and a half at the gym, his first question as we left the building as where his snack was. If you just overheard him after seeing how tiny he is for his age, you might think I didn't feed him. At dinner the other night I fixed spaghetti and gave the kids their plates with spaghetti and broccoli on it. Then I had another plate with garlic bread for after they ate a little of their meal. Micah has to tell me "don't eat it all mommy!" Little rascal! 

The past few weeks, he hasn't wanted to stay still and/or look at the camera (phone or 'real' camera) so I was so pleased I not only got a picture of him looking but also smiling yesterday. 
Tuesday morning before leaving for Bible class
Love my sweet little boy!

1 comment :

Salinda said...

Love your 31 Days theme! My blogging hit a major rut in August and September too! I had the best of intentions, but... Treasure your moments with your little ones. They turn into 'not so little' ones soon enough!