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Monday, October 08, 2012


So a few weeks ago a local blogger and photographer posted about this bakery she had been to. Bakery  Lorraine. I started reading about it and the pastries looked so tasty. Then I came to the picture of the macarons. I love macarons.  Back when my parents lived in Paris, on our visit there I got to experience them from several different places including the famous Laduree.
Source: laduree.fr via Katie on Pinterest

These are quite possibly now my favorite little treat but until recently I hadn't known of anywhere to get them in town. My mom and I made some together a while back but by together that meant I wrangled the littles and tried to pay attention. My mom had the chance to take a class on making macrons while in Paris so she had the chance to really learn exactly how to make them. I was excited about a place to buy them in town but I'd go broke and it's not exactly close by. So I decided to try my hand at making them on my own. I picked my favorite recipe that I had pinned for them and gave it a shot.

So after the babe was down for her nap, I got the ingredients out - it actually doesn't require many, and got to work.
The important part - exact measurements of everything, using a scale. I found it's really not too difficult, you just have to be exact. 
Once you mix the almond flour and powder sugar mixture with the meringue, I filled up a piping bag and made my rounds. Not as exactly the same as I would have liked but I did okay.  Then we wait while they set for an hour. I opted not to include in food coloring to make them pink this time. 
Once set, they bake for 12-16 minutes and come out looking all pretty and puffed up like this.
Then I mixed the filling up and piped it on and put them together. Delish.
 I think I should have baked them for another minute or two as they were a bit too soft and chewy and not quite as delicate as the "real" deal. My husband laughed when I told him, I didn't think I did them quite right. He offered to eat them all and I could try another batch if I wasn't happy with these. How selfless of him. HA! Despite my feeling like they weren't quite right, they were still down right tasty! 
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Mommy Mandy said...

These look so amazing!!


thehipvegetarian.com said...

OH goodness..this isn't helping my dieting. You made this look so easy.

Kar @allmylove.mommy said...

Those are some adorable little treats!!!

Movin Momma said...

Wow! You make these look so easy! I went France earlier this year (24 weeks pregnant) and I could have possibly caused a shortage of these while I was there! Haha! Great job!

Erica Bodker said...

I have never had them and they always look so good! I'm going to have to try them now!

Ashley Paige said...

They are beautiful! I would love to try my hand at making these.. although I don't think I could make them look nearly as pretty and delicate as yours! Thanks so much for linking up and sharing!

Misha said...

These look GREAT! I *might* be brave enough to try my hand at them! Ok, probably not. You did a great job.

Melissa from the Blue House said...

Oh yum!! Those look great. I don't think I'd have the patience.