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Thursday, October 11, 2012

instagram dump

So we are 11 days into October and I've already missed a day. Whoops. Last night was a fairly sleepless night around here. Lexie's nap 'schedule" got of and while making dinner, eating dinner (or the rest of us trying to eat dinner) and bath time were extremely fussy because she was tired. I held her off as long as I could and she went down a little early. Only to be extremely restless later when I was ready for bed.... at which point Micah also joined me. Then in the middle of the night Abby joined in too. At 5:30 am both Abby and Lexie were awake and trying to talk to each other so Abby went back to her bed and I managed to get Lexie (who had only slept 5 and 1/2 hours at that point) back to sleep. When at 6:30 Micah woke up, but was still sleepy, climbed from my bed to his and was crying for someone to lay with him. Oye. Not that best end/start to the day. Everyone was a little off from a our restless night today. So I'll leave you with a few pictures. 

Here's Lexie and I watching the big kids play. Abby has a classmate down the street who came over Sunday afternoon while we were outside playing so there was lots of action going on to watch. This was the first time we've been out and her classmate (and siblings) were out, so the first time they've played together over at our house. 
Restless sleep seems to be a reoccurring theme this week. Earlier in the week, Lexie didn't want to sleep and instead spent 2 hours babbling to me. The babbling is exciting to me because she used to talk a lot but as she got in motion and started rolling, crawling and pulling up her babbling went away. Now it's back and maybe we'll get a first word in the near future. Hopefully it's mama. 
First grade gets serious about the homework. Last year I'll admit we slacked some and didn't always do the homework since it didn't have to be turned it. This year we've got spelling words and math worksheets to do. I do like that we get one packet with spelling and math worksheet/worksheets at the beginning of the week and have all week to work on it instead of something due back the next day. Makes afternoons like yesterday where we didn't get to it easier and we didn't have to find a way to squeeze it in. Lexie and Micah are always interested in her homework. Well Micah wants to color on it and Alexis wants to eat it. 
Now I've gotten everyone fed and bathed early tonight so I can go torture myself at the cycle class. I really don't like evening classes but I like cycling.. in a weird I like to torture myself and kill my legs kind of way. Okay it's not that bad and I feel like I got a great workout once it's over. This also means Daddy gets to do bedtime tonight. This evening class thing is new so days he's home for bedtime we usually each take a kid and split it up so this doing bedtime with all three thing is new to him. How do ya'll do bedtime? Split up the kids between ya'll or does one person do bedtime and the other do the dishes? Can I say in that circumstance some nights I'd pick the dishes because it'd be quiet and I'd be alone after a long day. Others I wouldn't trade my bedtime snuggles for anything.  
day 10

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