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Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Are your kids as wild and excited about Halloween as mine? Seriously, Abby's been home for about 15 minutes and I just sent them outside to run off some energy they were being so wild in the house with their excitement! Micah's might have to do with the fact that he might have snuck a candy piece or two while I was getting Lexie down for her nap and folding laundry and he was supposed to be having 'quiet time.' This was in addition to the piece he had already had after lunch. Halloween candy is going to get raided for the 'good' stuff and the rest will quickly disappear out of this house that's for sure! 

A fellow local blogger posted about these great Halloween restaurant deals - $2 burritos (or bowls) at Chipotle and .50 cent corn dogs at Sonic. Why yes, thank you, I think I'll skip cooking tonight.  

I'm extremely late on posting Lexie's 9 month update seeing as she's closer to 10 months now than 9. Whoops! It's been a busy month! At least I have her pictures taken and just waiting to be uploaded, edited and posted. She thinks she such big stuff lately, much and much closer to a toddler than a baby and it makes me sad. She's still little though. 

And now a little of what we've been up to the last week or so (ya know if you don't already follow me on instagram) 

  • Grandma mailed Abby a card, with some money and instructions to buy ice cream for Micah, Lexie and herself. So after my gym workout we headed to Yogurt Zone for ice cream frozen yogurt. (So not totally ruining dinner because it's like yogurt right?) 
  • Mean mommy didn't get any for the baby, she was content to chew on her Sophie. 
  • The weather has been beautiful lately. Either chilly and I get to break out my boots or just perfect for backyard playing. 
  • Micah isn't a fan of HEB but he's better than he used to be, as a baby, screaming through HEB most trips. Samples + the HEB buddy machine made it a good trip. 
  • Alexis was treated to her first taste of the delicious Bergeron's steaks when Gigi and Pops came into town. She was a big fan and gobbled it down. 
  • Even Lexie is getting into the backyard playing while the weather is nice (and the mosquitos are away) and was all smiles and giggles while swinging. 
  • My parents came into town over the weekend to celebrate my birthday. I got treated to a weekend of birthday shopping as my present and got some new tops, shoes and workout clothes. I can now pretend I look as stylish as my pinterest clothes board. HA! Getting there. Thanks Mom and Dad! It's much more fun shopping with my mom than browsing alone (with littles in tow no less) And easier to try things on as well. Our Church is fairly casual/come as you are so I wore one of my new tops with jeans and my favorite boots on Sunday. 


Perfectly Jenn said...

Thanks for linking up! I love that new top you got
and Lexie's eyes are to die for! Such a sweet heart!

Unknown said...

LOVE your new boots! Now I'm itching to go shopping. :)