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Saturday, October 06, 2012

date night aftermath: day 6

 Not only do the kids come home tired from date night at the gym and go to bed fairly quickly but they tend to sleep in just a little the next morning. Which would be great if the baby didn't still get up early. Today she woke up super early 5am.... burning up. Poor sweet babe came down with a fever. (Just great we've now potentially infected anyone who had their babe at date night - something I hate to do - I tend to keep to always be super cautious and not bring them to the gym if they are seeming sick even if it isn't confirmed yet because I hate to spread germs) I know it's not her ears because we were at the pedi yesterday for her to look at the, what I think started as a mosquito bite, that swelled, got infected and wouldn't clear up with neosporin. She looked in her ears and checked her out and all was good there. We now have a stronger antibiotic cream for her finger.

Unfortunately Micah could have used at least another hour of sleep. The morning after date night is almost always one full of still tired children who aren't able to get along well and are a little more whiney than normal. This morning was rough to say the least. Micah wanted a specific toy of Abby's and would not be satisfied with anything short of that toy. After 20 minutes of crying/whining, Abby sweetly put her toy away so he'd maybe forget about it for a while. That worked for about an hour until he started wanting a different toy of Abby's. (Because you know he of course has no toys of his own!) We finally got over it around 10 am and he and Abby played nicely for the rest of the day with the exception of a few squabbles. They really do like playing with each other and are often play nicely with each other. 

We had a low key, playing in the playroom, movie and football watching day. Lexie was off and on all day, sleeping a little more (but in short spurts as her fever would often spike while she was sleeping and she'd get restless) and played happily and cheerfully when her fever was lower. 

She was happy to cheer the Tigers on with mommy. Even though we sadly lost. We still love our Tigers.  Forever LSU. My former college roommate had to remind us all that we did lose to FL back in 2003 and came back to win the National Title that year too. Here's to hoping for a similar season. 
Doesn't she just look like she has a had a fever all day?
Lexie's fever went up again to end the day, getting all the way up to 102. Poor sweet babe. We had a bath and a dose of tylenol to alternate with the motrin since I couldn't give her more motrin yet. Then I cuddled and rocked her to sleep. Hoping this fever disappears as quickly as it showed up. 

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