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Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Bakery Lorraine

Yesterday I mentioned Bakery Lorraine where we did our headshots. It was my second visit there. I had stopped quickly one day before heading to the zoo to try out their macarons. I was very excited to have an excuse to go back as it's across town so (thankfully) not close by to give in on a whim to stopping in. 

The bakery is housed in an updated cute little old gray house with a yellow door. You might almost miss it if you weren't looking for the sign as it's near the downtown area where you have houses and businesses all along the same street. 
Look at this delicious display of macarons (and other yummy goodies!) 
Micah's favorite thing is the cherry chocolate scone. Mainly because of the delicious icing on top. The scone is really good too though. It's big enough that we usually share it (but I'm lucky if he shares much of the icing with me.)
I tried to get a shot of my little girl but she wasn't too interested in posing or staying. There was too much to take in with all the other people around. 
Micah however chimed in that he wanted a picture. Which he never does! So of course I had to snap a few shots of him. He saw this picture as I loaded it into the computer and said that he was silly. 
Once the sugar from the icing hit him, he was off. He was quite happy to run up and down the ramp. I hope it wasn't too loud inside the building because those are not quiet shoes! 
Mmmm... my goodies I took home for later! Lemon and raspberry. 
Just perfection! 
This is totally on my list of places you must go to at least once. If you are visiting it'd be a great stop for breakfast before heading to the Zoo, the Witte Museum, or the Botanical Gardens as they aren't too far away from here. 

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Traci said...

YUM!! Those look so good!