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Monday, October 01, 2012

31 days: breaking the rut

It's October. It's my birthday month. Abby's been back in school for over a month now. Our days are busy, more than I thought they'd be. The first week Abby was back in school we were in a good "routine." The next few we've gone with the flow. The gym - it's a must and we make time for it but when we go varies, errands vary, Alexis's nap likes to throw me for a loop daily lately. Bedtime comes and the whirlwind of the day and getting all three to bed leaves me exhausted and too tired to blog more than once a week. A list of ideas, half-written posts stay in draft form, endlessly waiting. Something that I used to do practically daily now is almost last on my list of things to do. So here's to 31 days of blogging to break the rut. To saving the memories, the good and the not-so good. Ours days seem like they are crazy lately but I still want to remember these days even if it's a few sentences that won't mean much to anyone but me. After all that's one of the reasons I started this blog. My goal is by the end of the month, I'll hopefully be pulling out the "big" camera more often but for now you get more iphone shots. 

Last Thursday, Alexis took off walking pushing a laundry basket in our room. So I had to covert the car back into the walker and little Miss big stuff too off behind it like she's been doing it for weeks. Makes me sad there won't be too long before she really will be toddling around the house. She's less and less my itty bitty baby each day. 

Oh happy day. The first day of October, it actually almost felt like fall around here. For about 10 minutes at least. Abby of course is my southern girl who needs her jacket to walk to school if it's below 70. It just chilly enough to need jackets this morning but an hour later when it was time to head to the gym, the sun was out and it was nice and warm already. 
We hit the gym this morning to start the week off right. I've always dreaded running but over the summer I saw something (likely on Pinterest) about the color run and I want to run it so I'm giving running a shot by following a couch to 5k plan. I figure starting now (I'm in week 3) I've got plenty of time if I fall off track or to work and get faster before time to do the color run in February. So this morning I did a body pump class and then ran on the treadmill. 
The rest of the day was filled with chores around the house while the baby napped and a could have been disastrous trip to HEB. We headed out grocery shopping while it was nice, warm and sunny. I even thought about how I felt overdressed since I was feeling in the mood to wear something fall-ish so I had on a short sleeve cardigan and it seemed hot for the sunshine. Then 2/3rds of the way through getting all the groceries, I heard it. The sound of pouring, like seriously sheets of rain that will drench you in 2 seconds, the kind we rarely see around here with our 2 year drought. We couldn't just abandon our groceries (plus we still had to get to the car in the rain no matter what) so we finished shopping. I let Micah pick a candy at the register (peanut butter M&Ms) because in my head I was thinking well I guess we'll have to wait out the hard rain and hope it passes soon and I needed something to distract him. Then I was thinking well Beau's home, I know I'll have to wake him up but if it doesn't let up maybe I can desperately call him to come bring the car up to the loading zone? I could buy an umbrella (because mine was in the most useful place possible - in the car I needed to get to) but with how hard it was raining it wouldn't have done us much good. Thankfully by the time we checked out the downpour was over and we made it to the car with only a few drops on us. Unloaded the groceries, picked up Abby from school, put Alexis down for a nap, and did homework with Abby. I even attempted and successfully cooked hamburgers on the grill for dinner (thankfully on the covered porch because it started pouring again - twice in one day so thankful for the much needed rain!) 

Then came the rough part. Alexis woke up from her two hour nap cranky, thankfully ate dinner but was cranky again afterwards, cranky during bath which she normally loves, and cranky while we were getting jammies on everyone. She cheered up for an hour while we played before bed since it was still early but then was ready for bed but fighting sleep. She protested by using her sharp teeth (ouch!) and Abby and Micah were fighting sleep. Since the little Miss was crabby I didn't pick up our dinner dishes right away and the dog decided to not only help herself to the kids leftovers on the table but also the couple burgers I saved for Beau on the kitchen counter. Needless to say the dog is not on the good list right now. Thankfully now everyone is asleep and hopefully sleeps well tonight. 

Tomorrow is a happy day - we get our cycling classes back at the gym. I was bummed they are in the evening instead of our morning classes as I have motivation issues getting the gym in the evening, especially a 7 pm class. After tonight though I think I'll be excited to get away and let Daddy handle bedtime two days a week while I go to cycling classes. Again I've got another goal to achieve there. My brother is riding the Texas 4000 from Austin to Alaska next summer and to kick off the race, we can ride the first day with him. There are options - 10, 25, 50 or 70 miles. We'll see as time gets closer which I pick but I think I want to at least ride the 25 if not more and since I can't really get out to cycle without kiddos on a regular basis, cycling classes will have to be my starting point. The added bonus of a night off from bedtime duty is just a plus.  Don't get me wrong, there are days I don't want to share my special bedtime cuddles. I love having time to rock Alexis and Micah (yes I still rock him) and getting my last cuddles in with each of them before bed and time to read with Abby, her reading to me and me reading a chapter of a book to her. Then there are days like tonight where no one wants to sleep because everyone is over tired. Today was one of those, thankfully they aren't too often but when they do come, they are rough. 


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Jerimi said...

What a great idea for a blog series! How is your "couch to 5k plan" going? It's something I've looked at, but haven't done. I'm so self-conscious.... On the other hand, it's a brilliant way to break out of a rut.