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Monday, September 24, 2012

weekend recap

This weekend started off nicely with date night. I love that our gym does this. Currently it's twice a month - once for members only and once open to anyone. I can pay less than half of what a babysitter would cost, drop my kids off for 4 hours at the gym to have pizza, play, have popcorn and watch a movie. Abby and Micah love it - but do tend to get tired towards the end when it's way past their normal bedtime. The rumor is that next month, they might try opening it up to the little ones too (right now it's potty trained and up.) That opens up quite a few more options since we usually end up just doing date night at home where we can put Alexis down to bed. 

Saturday was a fully packed day! We started off with a delicious breakfast of waffles, cooked by Beau. Then we headed to the gym. I knew I needed to burn off some calories! Plus I've gotten to be quite the gym addict lately - even hitting the treadmill and not just sticking to my favorite group ex classes. 
We raced home, I put my swim team skills into effect by quickly showering and changing. Thanks Coach P for giving me the skills to shower, dress, and get ready in under 10 minutes. I knew we were cutting it close with heading to my favorite group ex class but I decided the mad dash to get ready was worth it. Plus it meant relatively guilt free cake. 

Alexis tried her first watermelon at the birthday party. She loved it! Since the weather was beautiful out I just took her LSU shirt off so we didn't get it soaked with watermelon. It's normal to strip your baby to feed them right? 
There was no doubt it was game day for LSU with all of us in our new game day outfits. Thanks Gigi! I think others might have thought we were crazy with all the purple and gold but hey if you were in Baton Rouge... or Louisiana for that matter it's what you were on game day and just because we are here doesn't mean we aren't going to wear our team colors. 

The party was fabulous! Wendy out did her self. It was a train theme and the decorations were adorable! Add in an amazing train cake that was oh so cute. And the best goodie bags with tickets to ride the train at the zoo! My kids were in heaven. Micah took some convincing to come out to the 'party' area though. He was in love with Nathan's train set upstairs and didn't want to stop playing with that. The kids got to decorate trains and loved playing on the swing set (even after Micah busted his lip from Abby swinging into him - oops!) 
After the party, everyone was already worn out and quite the cranky bunch so even though Micah and Abby don't nap - I made everyone have a quiet time laying in the beds and guess what... everyone took a nap. 

After naps, it was off to Bible class. When I told the kids, what we were doing for the day (gym, birthday party and Bible class) it was Bible class that they jumped up and down about! When we got home it was dinner time and of course game time! I tried to get a group shot but they were all pretty much done for the day. They were wound up from being tired and having taken naps so crazy and cranky at the same time. 
Sunday morning, we got up and head off to early service to meet Beau after his work shift. However Alexis had other ideas. Or rather her diaper failed to do it's job because it was pretty empty in comparison. So instead I look one look at Alexis, buckled Abby back in and we headed back home to clean up and wash both the baby and the carseat cover. With the carseat out of commission, we couldn't make it back for the second (or third) service either. So we spent the day playing and cleaning up around the house. 
Even having made a mess in her carseat she looks adorable! 
Now it's back to our normal routine, school, gym, errands, homework, housework....


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