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Saturday, September 01, 2012

The first week: recap

It's been a long, busy week adjusting to the routine (early mornings!) of school. Our bedtime routine was already in place for school nights but we still had to get up 45 minutes to an hour early than we had been. Abby actually did well and got up and was in a good mood and happy to go to school all but one morning. Thursday morning she had a rough time because Micah was staying in his pjs and wasn't going to school so I got my first "I don't want to go to school!" of the year that morning. 

Abby wanted to me to walk her to her classroom door so I gladly agreed. The school is just around the corner so we walked from our house most days (every day except Friday when we were running a little behind - walking would have gotten us there in time but it would have been a fast pace and my legs were dying from pump and cycling!) On Tuesday, Beau hadn't gotten home yet with the car that had the double stroller and two of the carriers I use more often (usually one of those is in the house) - good thing I love babywearing and my carriers because I still had several options inside.
Having Micah come along to drop Abby off was not the smartest idea on day 2 of school though. Day 1 he did great, went off and played and barely even asked about Abby. I think he was happy to have the toys to himself! However 2 day he was very sad and not happy about leaving Abby at school since he came with to drop her off. Watching the trash truck come down the street did help a little in cheering him up. 
I don't know that I could have planned more for Tuesday afternoon if I had tried! We started with a trial gymnastics class. Abby had a blast and as I had promised for her birthday we are now signed up for lessons. 
She was very giggly while they were showing her the uneven bars. I think she liked it a little bit. Ha! 
From gymnastics, I came home, dropped Abby off to eat dinner, and I changed and Alexis and I headed off to parent orientation for first grade. Then after that was over we met my mentoring moms group out to eat for dinner. Alexis charmed everyone there. She was a happy smiley girl for most of dinner. 
Abby is picky about her hair and doesn't really like me to put it up out of her face for school (we usually compromise on a little pony tail on the top) but she loves having a braid. However braiding her fine silky hair is no easy task! 
Abby seems happy about school, although she's not too big into giving lots of information about what she did all day. She does give me some though - more than she did last year. I get a good impression of her teacher so I'm thinking she'll have a good year.

If this was ya'lls first week of school how'd it go? 

1 comment :

Traci said...

Sounds like a busy week!