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Saturday, September 01, 2012

Football season is here!

Time to break out the purple and gold! It's game day - college football season is here! While we aren't actually going to the game (ya know since it's 9 hours away... without stopping) we can still get decked out in our purple and gold. Well at least most of us can. Abby only wore it for the picture. She's opinionated on what she likes to wear but at least she was cooperated for a picture session. It's been a while since I took a picture of all three (as it's not an easy task!) We managed to get a couple decent shots! 
 We don't have any big plans for the game tonight. We'll be at Bible class and hopefully get home in time for the 2nd quarter. Leftovers for dinner then bedtime for the littles during half time. Then it's popcorn and the second half for mommy! Well unless Alexis has other plans like she did last night, where she was cranky, didn't want to play, but also didn't want to sleep.
Micah has gotten quite a lot of wear out of his LSU jersey. This is year 3 he'll be wearing it and it still fits - actually finally fits is more like it (it's a 2T) This is last year. Abby looks so much older this year than last year! 
And this is 2010 - Micah was 18 months here. I can clearly see a resemblance between him and Alexis from this picture! It was more like a jersey dress here but we wore it anyway. 
And here's Abby at about 13 months in the same cheerleader outfit Alexis is wearing today. I think they are clearly siblings! Right? 
And when trying to take a picture with a group of multiple small children... there isn't a way to avoid outtakes so here's my favorite. 

Hope you are having a good game day and GEAUX TIGERS! 


1 comment :

Traci said...

So cute! Abby really does look a lot older.