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Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weekend at the Lake

Growing up we lived in a city with a large lake and a ship channel. Around when I was maybe 10 years old, my parents got a boat. Most weekends we'd spend a day out on the lake, boating, tubing, playing in the lake on various "beaches." Sometimes my dad would pack a small portable grill and we'd have hamburgers on the beach, other times we'd just have some snacks. I have lots of fond memories of times we spent out on the boat.
Our boat looked exactly like this one that my dad borrowed from a friend for our trip to Lake Conroe in June.
So when my parents moved back to the same city we grew up in after a while away from it, my brother and I were immediately transported back to our childhood and asking my dad when he was going to get a new boat. Of course neither my brother nor I live that close so it's not like we'd be able to go that often but he'd usually respond by asking if we would visit more often if he had a boat.

So two weeks ago my dad finally found a boat that he liked and bought it. It's a fishing boat so not very much like our old boat but it can still pull a tube and that's an important feature. So true to my word... he got a boat and I packed up the kids and I and we were there the next free weekend we had. It was actually just in time since school (and football season for my parents who are lucky enough to have LSU season tickets) is starting soon it was really our last free weekend for a while.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't the greatest so we were all ready to go out Saturday but we couldn't get a long enough break in the weather to go out.
I found some of my brother's old legos and his cars and pulled them out to occupy Abby and Micah inside while it rained. They loved the legos (maybe even more than the bigger ones I have here at our house) and I see a future of many tiny legos all over the floor of a certain little boys room. 
Since they were already still in their swimsuits, while they were out on the patio after dinner, they wanted to play in the rain. Why not enjoy it? We were headed to the bath after this anyway. 
Sunday afternoon we finally got a break in the weather and quickly packed up and headed out on the boat. Since the weather wasn't great all morning we practically had the lake to ourselves for some turns on the tube. Jeremy (who had also come into town for the weekend) went first to show Abby and Micah how it was done. They had already forgotten from our lake trip earlier this summer. Each of them then took a turn with Uncle Jeremy. Then I passed Lexie off to Uncle Jeremy and took a turn on the tube with Abby. Or at least tried to. I didn't know the trick that you have to hold to front of this tube up or else it starts to go under water instead of staying on top. This resulted in Abby and I floating in the lake instead of being pulled behind the boat in the tube. Whoops! Abby probably would have been okay and tried again with me.... except that I had just pointed out a fairly good sized fish that had jumped out of the water not that far from where we had been waiting to get going on the tube.  As soon as we ended up floating in the lake Abby's comments to me were "I don't like this. I don't like this at all!" So I ended up taking my turn on the tube by myself. 
She's not quite as uncomfy as she looks there - the angle makes her chin/mouth look a little more squished than they were most of the time.
Since Abby no longer wanted to tube, we went boating around the lake. Abby did remember the island we stopped at in the middle of Lake Conroe and wanted to go to an island. So off we went to let Abby and Micah play in the sand. Lexie was much better on the boat this time around compared to Conroe and didn't complain about her life jacket much (last time she was happiest only if the boat was going.) She was however very happy to have a chance to be free of her life jacket while we sat parked. 
Abby and Micah were thrilled to play, find shells, draw in the sand with their sticks they found and create a "home" out of some sticks and pinecones. 
Once they had played for a while we took another little spin past some of the big ships in the ship channel, down to the main lake and then back to the dock so we could get home before the rain started again! 
Thanks Pops for taking us out on your new boat! We had a fun weekend away at the lake and can't wait until we get to do it again. 


1 comment :

Unknown said...

How much fun!I can not wait for my son to get a little older so I can enjoy it a little more than I did last time we went. Are you from Louisiana, my husband and his whole family are huge LSU fans and are from Lafayette.