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Sunday, August 12, 2012

The rest of our FL beach trip

*warning very picture heavy* *playing major catch up* 

We had a fabulous time on our beach vacation. It's been hard to get back in gear after getting home. We've been getting back into our routine, hitting the gym hard and dealing with a baby who decided she didn't want to sleep last so staying up to blog wasn't at the top of the list of things to do. Sleeping is better now so hopefully blogging can resume.

We headed out to the beach right after breakfast every morning. Pops was fabulous and went down early to get us the perfect spot right on the front row by the water every morning. (We joked that next year we need to make sure Beau can come with us for the muscle... though Micah claimed... and showed us... that "he has muscles like Daddy" too)

30 minutes to an hour after we would get down to the beach, Lexie would be ready for her morning nap. The sun and sound of the waves made for excellent napping conditions and she took good little beach naps in her baby cabana.
Abby especially couldn't wait to get in the water immediately when we got down to the beach. She liked to get a tube and go out into "bobbing land." Micah wasn't a big fan of the waves the first couple days but warmed up to it and eventually enjoyed going out to bob past the breaking waves.
Micah even surfed into the beach on the waves a couple times.
That resulted in him losing his swim suit almost entirely one time. It was down around his ankles in this picture. Ha!
Abby was a huge fan of 'surfing' in to the beach on the breaking waves. She liked using both the tube and the buggie board. 
One of the days Pops found 4 hermit crab shells - 3 of which had hermit crabs in them! The kids loved this! My mom and I realized that we might be doomed next year when Abby can fully read as all the surf shops have large signs for 'free hermit crabs.' Hopefully if we go to the beach next year we make it home without a new pet. Ha! They wanted to take these home but we made them release them back into the water. 
We went back out to the beach one evening and Abby and Micah were quick to make friends with some older teenage girls that were out flying kites. When the girls were done flying the kites and were going to play frisbee they offered their kites to Abby and Micah to fly and showed them how to do it. The kids loved this and didn't want to stop even when the wind had died down so the kites weren't staying up! We'll have to remember this and bring/purchase kites for them on the beach next time we go. 
I joked that at least this little girl still thinks mommy is best, while my other two run off and make the teenage girls their friends. 

Here's Abby saying goodbye to her hermit crab. 
Cute Miss Lexie on the beach :) 
We introduced her to a sippy cup while we were there since it was so hot so she would be able to have a few sips of cold water. She really enjoyed it and got the concept of drinking it fairly quickly. 
Look at those chubby legs! (Hers - ha!) 
One of our last afternoons there we headed out to get out souvenir shirts and stopped at Fudpuckers "Gator Beach." Miss I-love-all-things-alligator was in heaven. "They're so cute!" she said... followed by "can I bring one home?" Ha! 
It really made her day when the next morning on the beach someone had made a really amazing sand alligator with a nest of eggs. Quite impressive and the kids spent a good bit of time looking at it and going back and forth to check on the alligator that day. 
The morning we were leaving, Micah was not too happy about it, so he didn't want to join in on the picture taking. Don't the girls look precious in their oh-so-classic souvenir shirts? 

Good-bye beach! Hope we get to see you next year! 


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