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Tuesday, August 21, 2012

San Antonio Missions baseball

Last week, the Texas Rangers minor league team, the Frisco Rough Riders, was in town playing San Antonio's minor league, the Missions. It was a good reason to go out and watch some baseball. Apparently, I'm told, the Rangers have the number 1 current prospect on the Rough Riders playing short stop so Beau was quite excited to go see him play. I enjoy a good baseball game so I was quite agreeable to go.   
The first 1500 fans all got jerseys so we got there a little early and easily all got jerseys. They are pretty nice ones too - especially for a giveaway item. Since we got there early, the kids saw them setting up the big blow up slides in the HEB buddy play area. So of course we had to go check it out. 
For $3 they could play as much as they wanted. (Well Micah was free) Tiny or not the little guy has some good climbing skills! He had no trouble climbing up the big slides. We played some before the game started and went back again when the kids started getting restless. $3 well spent in my opinion.
We left after the 5th inning was over when it was well past the kids bedtimes and everyone was getting tired. If it hadn't been so hot Lexie probably would have fallen asleep and we could have stayed longer but she was too hot to fall asleep on me. 

It was a fun family night for everyone all around. Especially for Beau who bid on, and won, a ball signed by the prospect he was excited about seeing. 

1 comment :

Traci said...

We love baseball at my house & minor league games are always so much fun.