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Monday, August 27, 2012

Our weekend {instagram photo dump}

We started this last weekend before school starts back with a day at Sea World on Friday morning. And by day I clearly meaning the morning. Season passes rock. We were all ready to call it a day by 1:30 pm - Aquatica is a blast but all that swimming wears out Abby and Micah. 
We stared at Aquatica, took Abby down Stingray Falls a couple times, did the little slides and played around. Then we walked around and saw the sea lions and penguins. The sea lions were all floating enjoying the sunshine. Exactly what I'd love to do in a pool if I didn't have 3 littles to watch and hold while in the pool. I had to crack up that even the Texas heat seems to have gotten to them because it was too hot to lounge on the rocks like they normally do! 
Saturday morning, our Church had a Children's praise party/concert with Yancy. It was lots of fun. (Except Abby said she didn't like it because Ms. Jasmine - who leads praise and worship on Saturday nights - wasn't there) 
Abby was very shy and just wanted to sit and watch... until she heard a song she recognized from signing in Bible class. Then she was up on her feet and doing the motions! 
Their favorite part of course.... the person dressed up as a dalmatian. Ha! 
I have a cd with some of the songs we sang in Bible class over the summer and some other Bible class songs on my iPhone playlist. However it seems Abby always wants to listen to the to her favorite 3 over and over. So I got new music to listen to. Maybe we can add a few more songs to Abby's favorites and not have the same 3 on repeat? 
As I put Alexis down for her nap, Abby and Micah were playing with the trains.... and Abby thought it might make a nice ring. Not so much as it got stuck. I might have laughed a little at this... after I got it unstuck of course. 
I spent that naptime planning for the upcoming week. Now that Abby is going back to school and Lexie isn't a newborn anymore I want to get back to doing crafts and such with Micah so I'm planning out a little mini-preschool at home lessons for him. I'm excited to have some more 1-on-1 time with him when Lexie naps. Abby and I usually have some alone time reading after I put the littles down for bed. Now we are ready to start our new school routines tomorrow. I think at least! 

Today we headed to Church in the morning, lunch, naps and spent time playing and relaxing at home. Abby decided to take Alexis on a "walk" by convincing her to crawl after a car that Abby had attached to her toy puppy's leash. Sorry Abby, your baby sister is not your puppy dog! Yet Alexis was happy to play along! 
Alexis however is not content to cooperate with trying to unwean the swaddle. Any time I try to get to to sleep and to stay asleep sans swaddle it does not go well. She almost always instantly busts her right arm out of the swaddle but she needs that blanket around her and her left arm in. She's crawling, pulling up, cutting her first teeth but at least she's still my baby in this aspect right? 
Now I need to get myself into bed because I've got an early morning alarm tomorrow! Our first day of clothes are picked out, first day of school sign is printed, lunch box note written, first day teacher gift prepared.... I think we are ready. Ready or not the first day of school is tomorrow. 

1 comment :

Traci said...

What fun! The sea lions & penguins are my FAVORITES! I love to watch them!