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Monday, August 27, 2012

First day of 1st grade

Today was the big day, the one so many of us around the state were all waiting for (or dreading?) - the day our littles go back to school. I'm oddly both excited and sad. I'm sure going to miss this sweet little girl while she is away from my all day, 5 days a week. I am a little excited though to resume having some alone time with Micah (and Lexie.) 

This morning the alarm clock came very early to get us all up, fed and ready. Well, wait, not exactly. What is it about babies that they can wake up without fail 10-20 minutes before your alarm is going to go off so that you miss those last few minutes of sleep? I mean she woke up 45 minutes earlier than she does just about any other day! Lexie, Micah and I headed downstairs and cooked some delicious blueberry muffins for breakfast and before they were done and it was time to wake up Abby, she had joined us downstairs. 

I could tell she was nervous because she didn't really want to eat... oh and she was sleepy because even though we were already in the back to school bedtime routine, she could have used another hour of sleep but going to bed any earlier isn't possible. (We really didn't ever push back bedtime later during the summer except for a few nights - the littles get up the same time no matter their bedtime so we kept our normal bedtime all summer long.) 

After breakfast she got dressed in her outfit she had picked out the night before, got her new (bouncy!) tennis shoes on and we loaded up Alexis in the stroller to walk to school. 
 Micah stayed home with Daddy, while Alexis and I walked Abby to class. We got there right as the first bell rang where the teachers let them into the classrooms. Abby said hi to her teacher, sat right down at her desk and was ready to begin the day. She was nervous but also excited. 
 She (and all her classmates) were being very quiet this morning. Her teacher mentioned jokingly how maybe it would be a quiet year this year... to which I let her in that Abby would talk her ear off so just give it time. Ha! 

At the meet the teacher night last Thursday, Abby got to pick out where to sit. She is sitting across from a little girl that is the daughter of a friend of Beau's. (Does that make sense? Ha!) Sadly I thought Abby's friend from last year would be in her class but it was another girl with the same name just spelled one letter differently (I was thinking it was either misspelled or I didn't remember it correctly) I'm sure she'll make new friends soon though. 

Pick up for the first day was crazy! They check ids (thankful for this) but with all the parent pick-ups and tons of kid that get picked up the first day/week before switching to the bus/after school-care it was crowded! Another parent joked that if she was a teacher she would have been going insane with al the parents waiting to have their ids checked and the students all raising their hands and some not waiting just standing up trying to get the teacher's attention to say their parent is here!

Abby didn't volunteer much information about her day as much as I tried to pump it out of her so far. She did say they didn't do many "kindergarden" things. Her favorite part was when they went to art class during their specials rotation. Thankfully she also said they didn't watch t.v. (They also don't have rest time.)


Unknown said...

What a day, my two are not in school yet but that time is right around the corner!

Kim {Hope Whispers} said...

My oldest is in 2nd now and is the same way, he makes me ask him how his day was and never really wants to give me more than a "good" or "ok".