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Monday, August 27, 2012

First day of 1st grade

Today was the big day, the one so many of us around the state were all waiting for (or dreading?) - the day our littles go back to school. I'm oddly both excited and sad. I'm sure going to miss this sweet little girl while she is away from my all day, 5 days a week. I am a little excited though to resume having some alone time with Micah (and Lexie.) 

This morning the alarm clock came very early to get us all up, fed and ready. Well, wait, not exactly. What is it about babies that they can wake up without fail 10-20 minutes before your alarm is going to go off so that you miss those last few minutes of sleep? I mean she woke up 45 minutes earlier than she does just about any other day! Lexie, Micah and I headed downstairs and cooked some delicious blueberry muffins for breakfast and before they were done and it was time to wake up Abby, she had joined us downstairs. 

I could tell she was nervous because she didn't really want to eat... oh and she was sleepy because even though we were already in the back to school bedtime routine, she could have used another hour of sleep but going to bed any earlier isn't possible. (We really didn't ever push back bedtime later during the summer except for a few nights - the littles get up the same time no matter their bedtime so we kept our normal bedtime all summer long.) 

After breakfast she got dressed in her outfit she had picked out the night before, got her new (bouncy!) tennis shoes on and we loaded up Alexis in the stroller to walk to school. 
 Micah stayed home with Daddy, while Alexis and I walked Abby to class. We got there right as the first bell rang where the teachers let them into the classrooms. Abby said hi to her teacher, sat right down at her desk and was ready to begin the day. She was nervous but also excited. 
 She (and all her classmates) were being very quiet this morning. Her teacher mentioned jokingly how maybe it would be a quiet year this year... to which I let her in that Abby would talk her ear off so just give it time. Ha! 

At the meet the teacher night last Thursday, Abby got to pick out where to sit. She is sitting across from a little girl that is the daughter of a friend of Beau's. (Does that make sense? Ha!) Sadly I thought Abby's friend from last year would be in her class but it was another girl with the same name just spelled one letter differently (I was thinking it was either misspelled or I didn't remember it correctly) I'm sure she'll make new friends soon though. 

Pick up for the first day was crazy! They check ids (thankful for this) but with all the parent pick-ups and tons of kid that get picked up the first day/week before switching to the bus/after school-care it was crowded! Another parent joked that if she was a teacher she would have been going insane with al the parents waiting to have their ids checked and the students all raising their hands and some not waiting just standing up trying to get the teacher's attention to say their parent is here!

Abby didn't volunteer much information about her day as much as I tried to pump it out of her so far. She did say they didn't do many "kindergarden" things. Her favorite part was when they went to art class during their specials rotation. Thankfully she also said they didn't watch t.v. (They also don't have rest time.)

Our weekend {instagram photo dump}

We started this last weekend before school starts back with a day at Sea World on Friday morning. And by day I clearly meaning the morning. Season passes rock. We were all ready to call it a day by 1:30 pm - Aquatica is a blast but all that swimming wears out Abby and Micah. 
We stared at Aquatica, took Abby down Stingray Falls a couple times, did the little slides and played around. Then we walked around and saw the sea lions and penguins. The sea lions were all floating enjoying the sunshine. Exactly what I'd love to do in a pool if I didn't have 3 littles to watch and hold while in the pool. I had to crack up that even the Texas heat seems to have gotten to them because it was too hot to lounge on the rocks like they normally do! 
Saturday morning, our Church had a Children's praise party/concert with Yancy. It was lots of fun. (Except Abby said she didn't like it because Ms. Jasmine - who leads praise and worship on Saturday nights - wasn't there) 
Abby was very shy and just wanted to sit and watch... until she heard a song she recognized from signing in Bible class. Then she was up on her feet and doing the motions! 
Their favorite part of course.... the person dressed up as a dalmatian. Ha! 
I have a cd with some of the songs we sang in Bible class over the summer and some other Bible class songs on my iPhone playlist. However it seems Abby always wants to listen to the to her favorite 3 over and over. So I got new music to listen to. Maybe we can add a few more songs to Abby's favorites and not have the same 3 on repeat? 
As I put Alexis down for her nap, Abby and Micah were playing with the trains.... and Abby thought it might make a nice ring. Not so much as it got stuck. I might have laughed a little at this... after I got it unstuck of course. 
I spent that naptime planning for the upcoming week. Now that Abby is going back to school and Lexie isn't a newborn anymore I want to get back to doing crafts and such with Micah so I'm planning out a little mini-preschool at home lessons for him. I'm excited to have some more 1-on-1 time with him when Lexie naps. Abby and I usually have some alone time reading after I put the littles down for bed. Now we are ready to start our new school routines tomorrow. I think at least! 

Today we headed to Church in the morning, lunch, naps and spent time playing and relaxing at home. Abby decided to take Alexis on a "walk" by convincing her to crawl after a car that Abby had attached to her toy puppy's leash. Sorry Abby, your baby sister is not your puppy dog! Yet Alexis was happy to play along! 
Alexis however is not content to cooperate with trying to unwean the swaddle. Any time I try to get to to sleep and to stay asleep sans swaddle it does not go well. She almost always instantly busts her right arm out of the swaddle but she needs that blanket around her and her left arm in. She's crawling, pulling up, cutting her first teeth but at least she's still my baby in this aspect right? 
Now I need to get myself into bed because I've got an early morning alarm tomorrow! Our first day of clothes are picked out, first day of school sign is printed, lunch box note written, first day teacher gift prepared.... I think we are ready. Ready or not the first day of school is tomorrow. 

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Weekend at the Lake

Growing up we lived in a city with a large lake and a ship channel. Around when I was maybe 10 years old, my parents got a boat. Most weekends we'd spend a day out on the lake, boating, tubing, playing in the lake on various "beaches." Sometimes my dad would pack a small portable grill and we'd have hamburgers on the beach, other times we'd just have some snacks. I have lots of fond memories of times we spent out on the boat.
Our boat looked exactly like this one that my dad borrowed from a friend for our trip to Lake Conroe in June.
So when my parents moved back to the same city we grew up in after a while away from it, my brother and I were immediately transported back to our childhood and asking my dad when he was going to get a new boat. Of course neither my brother nor I live that close so it's not like we'd be able to go that often but he'd usually respond by asking if we would visit more often if he had a boat.

So two weeks ago my dad finally found a boat that he liked and bought it. It's a fishing boat so not very much like our old boat but it can still pull a tube and that's an important feature. So true to my word... he got a boat and I packed up the kids and I and we were there the next free weekend we had. It was actually just in time since school (and football season for my parents who are lucky enough to have LSU season tickets) is starting soon it was really our last free weekend for a while.

Unfortunately the weather wasn't the greatest so we were all ready to go out Saturday but we couldn't get a long enough break in the weather to go out.
I found some of my brother's old legos and his cars and pulled them out to occupy Abby and Micah inside while it rained. They loved the legos (maybe even more than the bigger ones I have here at our house) and I see a future of many tiny legos all over the floor of a certain little boys room. 
Since they were already still in their swimsuits, while they were out on the patio after dinner, they wanted to play in the rain. Why not enjoy it? We were headed to the bath after this anyway. 
Sunday afternoon we finally got a break in the weather and quickly packed up and headed out on the boat. Since the weather wasn't great all morning we practically had the lake to ourselves for some turns on the tube. Jeremy (who had also come into town for the weekend) went first to show Abby and Micah how it was done. They had already forgotten from our lake trip earlier this summer. Each of them then took a turn with Uncle Jeremy. Then I passed Lexie off to Uncle Jeremy and took a turn on the tube with Abby. Or at least tried to. I didn't know the trick that you have to hold to front of this tube up or else it starts to go under water instead of staying on top. This resulted in Abby and I floating in the lake instead of being pulled behind the boat in the tube. Whoops! Abby probably would have been okay and tried again with me.... except that I had just pointed out a fairly good sized fish that had jumped out of the water not that far from where we had been waiting to get going on the tube.  As soon as we ended up floating in the lake Abby's comments to me were "I don't like this. I don't like this at all!" So I ended up taking my turn on the tube by myself. 
She's not quite as uncomfy as she looks there - the angle makes her chin/mouth look a little more squished than they were most of the time.
Since Abby no longer wanted to tube, we went boating around the lake. Abby did remember the island we stopped at in the middle of Lake Conroe and wanted to go to an island. So off we went to let Abby and Micah play in the sand. Lexie was much better on the boat this time around compared to Conroe and didn't complain about her life jacket much (last time she was happiest only if the boat was going.) She was however very happy to have a chance to be free of her life jacket while we sat parked. 
Abby and Micah were thrilled to play, find shells, draw in the sand with their sticks they found and create a "home" out of some sticks and pinecones. 
Once they had played for a while we took another little spin past some of the big ships in the ship channel, down to the main lake and then back to the dock so we could get home before the rain started again! 
Thanks Pops for taking us out on your new boat! We had a fun weekend away at the lake and can't wait until we get to do it again. 


Tuesday, August 21, 2012

San Antonio Missions baseball

Last week, the Texas Rangers minor league team, the Frisco Rough Riders, was in town playing San Antonio's minor league, the Missions. It was a good reason to go out and watch some baseball. Apparently, I'm told, the Rangers have the number 1 current prospect on the Rough Riders playing short stop so Beau was quite excited to go see him play. I enjoy a good baseball game so I was quite agreeable to go.   
The first 1500 fans all got jerseys so we got there a little early and easily all got jerseys. They are pretty nice ones too - especially for a giveaway item. Since we got there early, the kids saw them setting up the big blow up slides in the HEB buddy play area. So of course we had to go check it out. 
For $3 they could play as much as they wanted. (Well Micah was free) Tiny or not the little guy has some good climbing skills! He had no trouble climbing up the big slides. We played some before the game started and went back again when the kids started getting restless. $3 well spent in my opinion.
We left after the 5th inning was over when it was well past the kids bedtimes and everyone was getting tired. If it hadn't been so hot Lexie probably would have fallen asleep and we could have stayed longer but she was too hot to fall asleep on me. 

It was a fun family night for everyone all around. Especially for Beau who bid on, and won, a ball signed by the prospect he was excited about seeing. 

Sunday, August 19, 2012

Witte Museum, a little Texas history and a giveaway!

Friday morning, we had an invitation to go see the new South Texas Heritage Center at the Witte Museum. We've lived in San Antonio for 5 years now yet only just had our first visit to the Witte earlier this summer. During that visit we mainly explored the HEB Science Tree House so I was excited to see another part of the museum.

I was amazed by the new South Texas Heritage Center. I hadn't really thought to visit the Witte before because I thought it would be mostly over Abby and Micah's understanding. I was happy to be very wrong in this instance. This exhibit clearly captured their attention with all the animals (they love animals!), the large scale of all the artifacts that were on display and with all the interactive features of the exhibits.
They were off and running between all the things to see and do when we got to the big exhibit hall upstairs. I was able to convince Micah to sit still for a minute to try out one of the saddles.
They were excellent and sat relatively still and listened to a couple programs about ranch chuckbox cooking and another on ropes and branding. The lovely lady leading the demonstration was fabulous at making it to their level do they could understand. There were lots of things to touch and smell that made the demonstrations really interesting to them. 
We also were able to see a comical play that taught us about the history between the cowboys and the Spanish vaqueros.

To make it even better - I've got a giveaway for you! If you are local - near San Antonio and would like to visit the Witte you can enter to win a set of 4 passes to the Witte including the Darwin exhibit that ends soon (which is usually an extra fee.) This tickets expire Labor Day so you will want to plan your trip in the next week or so. I'm teaming up with some of the other lovely ladies I visited the museum with, so you've got  lots of chances to win and we've got lots of sets of passes to giveaway! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Alexis: 7 months

Again I blinked and Alexis is already over 1/2 a year old. This year is going by so fast.... too fast. 
Alexis is now right at 16 lbs. You were 15 lbs 14 oz last week at your '6' month appointment last week. You can still wear your 3-6 month clothes and are wearing your 6-9/6-12 month clothes as well - meaning we have tons of cute options for you to wear right now! You wear a size 2 diaper and 0-6 month shoes. 

You are my best eater yet. You usually eat between 2-4 ounces of baby food twice a day. Neither Abby nor Micah liked eating nearly this much. You also really love your baby mum-mums. We just started trying puffs two days ago. You haven't gotten the hang of those yet as they usually get stuck to your hands and are harder to get in your mouth. 
You started sitting up and crawling 2 weeks ago and have mastered both pretty well in the past week. You are getting to be a fast crawler when you want to be. I'll leave you on your blanket with your toys in the den and you came crawling after me into the kitchen. You recently also started pulling up on the couch and that also came with a first boo-boo when I wasn't close enough to catch you from hitting your head as you fell down after pulling up. 

Last week was a rough sleeping week for you but it seems to be getting better thankfully. You are trying to decided if you want to go from 3 naps a day to 2 naps so it varies how many you take a day right now. 
You used to babble quite a bit but lately you've been much more quiet. I think it must be because Abby and Micah are so noisy all the time and you just sit and take it in watching their every moves. I kinda miss your baby babbling. You do say a lot of "mmm...mmmm....mmm"' but that's pretty much it for your babbling recently. 

You are a very easy going baby - everyone says you are just so sweet and content. Daddy claims you are easier than the other two. The ladies and the gym rarely have a hard time with you either. You do give the sweet ladies at Church a bit of trouble some Saturday nights but it's generally nap time during service time and you don't always want to sleep and miss Bible class. 

I still can't believe how 'big' you are already. I feel like I blinked and all the sudden my tiny baby was gone. You are still incredibly sweet and I love every precious second though. 

Monday, August 13, 2012

Abby's 6th birthday

On our drive back from Destin, we stopped for about 24 hours at my grandparents' house in Baton Rouge. Besides Mimi and Pappy, no one in that part of the family had met Alexis yet and it had been quite a while since they had seen the rest of us. It was great to be able to see our extended family, even if just for a little while. 

Since Abby's birthday was coming up, we decided to have a little family birthday party get-together. Abby's all about alligators these days, and had been saying since Micah's birthday back in May that she wanted an alligator party. So I found this neat alligator ring toss game that all the kids seemed to love - even the babies wanted in on it. (Even if that meant borrowing a ring to chew on.)
Then of course, there was an alligator cake. Cookie cake - my favorite. It was very tasty! 
We couldn't get all a small group of the second (?) cousins together and not take a picture of them all. There are 6 pictured here... out of 12 (I think I counted them all) 
Abby even got a couple presents to open there. Including an LSU Barbie. Geaux Tigers! 
When we got back to my parents house (the next stop on our long drive home), I showed Abby my American Girl dolls. She had been showing some interest in the catalog that came in the mail but I wasn't sure how much she was interested or if she just really liked the dogs that the dolls can have. (My kids love all things animals!) I was thinking Abby would like to take the doll of today (well doll of the 90s that looked most like me) home with us as she had the most clothes and accessories to play with. I was wrong because Abby fell in love with Josephina - because she was like the one in the catalogue. Since we've been home we've been reading the books I have to go along with the doll. 
On Abby's birthday we headed out to Sea World for a fun (hot!) afternoon, since that's what the birthday girl wanted to do. 
We swam and swam until they couldn't swim anymore then we headed to see the Sea Lion show. The original plan was that we were going to try and stay and see the late Shamu show but apparently we swam them out because they were exhausted. So after the sea lion show we headed home. 
I think she had a good birthday overall :) She definitely got pretty spoiled. 


Sunday, August 12, 2012

The rest of our FL beach trip

*warning very picture heavy* *playing major catch up* 

We had a fabulous time on our beach vacation. It's been hard to get back in gear after getting home. We've been getting back into our routine, hitting the gym hard and dealing with a baby who decided she didn't want to sleep last so staying up to blog wasn't at the top of the list of things to do. Sleeping is better now so hopefully blogging can resume.

We headed out to the beach right after breakfast every morning. Pops was fabulous and went down early to get us the perfect spot right on the front row by the water every morning. (We joked that next year we need to make sure Beau can come with us for the muscle... though Micah claimed... and showed us... that "he has muscles like Daddy" too)

30 minutes to an hour after we would get down to the beach, Lexie would be ready for her morning nap. The sun and sound of the waves made for excellent napping conditions and she took good little beach naps in her baby cabana.
Abby especially couldn't wait to get in the water immediately when we got down to the beach. She liked to get a tube and go out into "bobbing land." Micah wasn't a big fan of the waves the first couple days but warmed up to it and eventually enjoyed going out to bob past the breaking waves.
Micah even surfed into the beach on the waves a couple times.
That resulted in him losing his swim suit almost entirely one time. It was down around his ankles in this picture. Ha!
Abby was a huge fan of 'surfing' in to the beach on the breaking waves. She liked using both the tube and the buggie board. 
One of the days Pops found 4 hermit crab shells - 3 of which had hermit crabs in them! The kids loved this! My mom and I realized that we might be doomed next year when Abby can fully read as all the surf shops have large signs for 'free hermit crabs.' Hopefully if we go to the beach next year we make it home without a new pet. Ha! They wanted to take these home but we made them release them back into the water. 
We went back out to the beach one evening and Abby and Micah were quick to make friends with some older teenage girls that were out flying kites. When the girls were done flying the kites and were going to play frisbee they offered their kites to Abby and Micah to fly and showed them how to do it. The kids loved this and didn't want to stop even when the wind had died down so the kites weren't staying up! We'll have to remember this and bring/purchase kites for them on the beach next time we go. 
I joked that at least this little girl still thinks mommy is best, while my other two run off and make the teenage girls their friends. 

Here's Abby saying goodbye to her hermit crab. 
Cute Miss Lexie on the beach :) 
We introduced her to a sippy cup while we were there since it was so hot so she would be able to have a few sips of cold water. She really enjoyed it and got the concept of drinking it fairly quickly. 
Look at those chubby legs! (Hers - ha!) 
One of our last afternoons there we headed out to get out souvenir shirts and stopped at Fudpuckers "Gator Beach." Miss I-love-all-things-alligator was in heaven. "They're so cute!" she said... followed by "can I bring one home?" Ha! 
It really made her day when the next morning on the beach someone had made a really amazing sand alligator with a nest of eggs. Quite impressive and the kids spent a good bit of time looking at it and going back and forth to check on the alligator that day. 
The morning we were leaving, Micah was not too happy about it, so he didn't want to join in on the picture taking. Don't the girls look precious in their oh-so-classic souvenir shirts? 

Good-bye beach! Hope we get to see you next year!