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Sunday, July 08, 2012

Weekend in photos

I started my weekend a little early with some much needed mommy almost alone time. My feet were in desperate need of a pedicure. Usually it's a thing my mom and I do together (because it is much more fun to go with someone to chat with) but we didn't have a chance while we were in Lake Conroe. I did take Lexie along with me as she's a mommy's girl and I thought she'd take a nap while we were there. (I was wrong - too much to see and too many people to smile at)
Saturday we ate an early-ish lunch and then hit the pool for a couple hours. We played in the pool for about 45 minutes, took a break for Lexie to eat and the kids played in the spray park, then back in the pool for another hour. That second hour Lexie napped in the water sling. I think I can say we all enjoy the pool! 
Saturday evening we headed to Church where I worked in the nursery - it was a busy night in Bibleland. It was an exciting weekend since Selah was leading worship/performing and Angie Smith was speaking. 
Since I was also working the middle service this morning, we all got up early and went to the early service. I only got to hear a couple a cappella songs from Selah since the first service is all a cappella and the usual singers lead the first part of worship. Angie Smith's message was amazing! I would have stayed for the second service and heard the band and listened again if I hadn't had to go down and teach Bible class to the toddlers. 
This afternoon we took it easy and played, cleaned up a little, and let Lexie get a couple decent naps.  Abby talked Micah into playing "princess dance class" with her while she was supposed to be cleaning up her room. The joys of being a little brother. (In case you are curious the difference between normal dance class and princess dance class is that you need wands for the princess one.)  Micah is gonna love me for this picture in the future. HA! 

Hope you've had a great weekend!


Traci said...

I need a pedicure. I've been doing mine all summer. It's just not the same.

Kim said...

Ah, pedicures... gotta love them! =)