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Friday, July 13, 2012

VBS bracelet craft

We've been preparing for VBS next week. Our Church does two VBS sessions (it would probably be crazy overwhelming with everyone at one session!) The VBS for the little guys, 2s - outgoing kinder was a few weeks ago. Next week is incoming 1st-6th, but we are also doing a mini-VBS for the little ones of the parents volunteering with the biggers. It's a different theme so all new crafts. I typically work with the itty bitties but this next week, I get to do something different and I'll be a shop keeper. The jewelry shop to be exact. I had one craft planned out but we are now doing two rotations through the jewelry shop so I needed a second jewelry craft. I googled and searched interest and found this tutorial. So I tested it out at home with my two to make sure it would work for next week. 

Boiled popsicle sticks molding ... it's going to take a few rounds of this to get them all done. They have to boil from 20 minutes to an hour then mold over night. It doesn't take much active work but it does take a while for them to dry. 
I'm trying to decide what would be the best way to decorate them. I gave Abby and Micah a free for all with all the options I had. Micah chose painting. 
 Abby wanted to color hers with markers so she could do a picture. 
So serious about her work. She drew Honey (our dog), herself and mommy (awww!), the sky, sun and pink snow. It's pretty cute! 
 Abby didn't want to add any jewels because then it would have to dry before she could wear it. Micah however was all about the jewels. 
I tried one out with mod podge and scrapbook paper. Abby claimed it as her own this morning so that she has two. I added a layer of mod podge over Micah's as well to hold his jewels on a little better. 
I think I like this craft even better than my craft idea of the necklaces! Abby and Micah have tested out both crafts for me and I think they enjoyed this one better too. Glad I was given the opportunity to do a second craft! 

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