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Wednesday, July 25, 2012

the beginnings of our beach vacay

VBS ended late Thursday night then Friday morning we woke up, packed up and were off on our vacation adventure. If I didn't already know it would be worth every second in the car I'd have considered not going after our busy week. However what's a better place to relax than the beach?
With three little ones there were plenty of stops to break it up. First a late lunch with Uncle Jeremy at Lupes in Houston. Yum! 
Then we picked up Gigi and Pops in Lake Charles and made our way to Baton Rouge where we saw Mimi and Pappy and spent the night. The next morning after breakfast we were off again. Pit stopping for lunch at Canes. 
We finally arrived in Destin around 5 pm. Long days of driving but the kids really did pretty good. It was nice to see the beach! Abby tired to rename Florida "the beach state." 
The next morning we headed out to the beach. Abby couldn't wait to get in the water. Micah was more tentative. He didn't really want to go in the water much on Sunday or Monday. We coxed him out there (holding him) but he was quick to want to go back to the beach. (And then proceed to ask for a "nack!") Lexie was just a happy camper. She took a nice beach nap soon after getting out there. She was happy to play once she woke up. We have a little tiny baby pool she can splash and sit in to keep her cool and from eating too much sand. 
However she is happy to crawl over to the edge and dig her hands in. She also loves the water when it's calm enough to not splash her face. 
We started off Tuesday with a swim in the pool before the beach (instead of the reverse we did the day before.) Lexie is a little water bug like her big siblings - she was fussing in Pops lap but once we took her in the pool so she could float and feel the water more she was a happy little girl. 
Micah while he was tentative about the water at the beach, suddenly had no fear in the pool. Usually he's been wearing his puddle jumper and even then won't jump to us from the side of the pool. But on Sunday he went in and was fearless jumping to us over and over without his puddle jumper. He would go under when he jumped, and even taking a couple doggie paddle strokes. And by jumped I clearly mean belly flopped to us. 
 Abby loves to surf in to the beach in the waves with both the tube and the buggie board.
 Here's Micah out in the tube with Pops (briefly.)
 Lexie in one of her many beach naps. This one was a short nap since she feel asleep while I was standing in the surf with her in the sling. Most others she took in her baby cabana tent. Either our timing of hitting the beach was perfect or the beach was like a baby sleeping pill because she napped most days out on the beach. Such a sweet, easy going girl. 
We had a rainstorm out on the beach one day and Lexie and I hid in the baby cabana while the big kids and Gigi and Pops continued playing in the water... until we say the bigger, heavy rain heading our way then we packed up and headed out before getting everything totally drenched! 
Such a great start to our week at the beach! 

1 comment :

Traci said...

The water looks amazing! I'm sad that we're not getting a beach vacay this year. Where in BR does your family live? I'm in Riverbend off Brightside.