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Tuesday, July 03, 2012

gone are the days

This summer is flying by! I can't believe it's already 1/3 of the way over already. It seems that gone are the days of a summer filled with lounging by the pool day in and day out. We've been go-go-go every week so far or at least so it feels.

So far we've had a round of swim lessons for Micah, one week of VBS, a vacation at the lake, and a few trips to Sea World.
This week was supposed to be a "down" week aside from swim lessons for Abby. However at the last minute I ended up helping out a friend and babysitting her 3 1/2 month old baby. So that makes my two wild and crazy "big" kids and two babies under 6 months at my house yesterday and today. Yes I know you are thinking it - craziness. It went amazingly well though and both babies ended up napping at the same times a few times. My big two were great 90% of the time and played nicely and were big helpers to me. I'm now throughly exhausted! We all were especially since we ended the day by going to Bible class where I teach the baby class. Turns out tonight the one non-teacher baby was out of town so we worked on getting crafts and such together for the next round of VBS instead.
Tomorrow it's a desperately needed trip to HEB as I was going to go Monday but with the change of event there was no way I was taking 4 kids to the grocery store! Now that would be crazy! Ha! 

Next week I thought would be another easy week which it still will be but I'll also be doing more preparation for round two of VBS. (Our Church does two VBS sessions - one for the little guys 2-outgoing kinder and one for the incoming 1st - 5th grade but we also offer childcare for the VBS teacher kids so we'll be doing a mini-VBS for the younger ones of the parents who are teaching the older ones - does that make sense?) 

Now this little girl is trying to keep me on my toes. She is rolling all over the place. There really is very little point to putting a blanket down anymore as she rolls off it quickly and across the floor to get whatever she wants. She can get her knees up under her and then kinda face plants/inchworms forward along with rolling. She'll be crawling all too quickly here! (Then again she's right at the same age my other two were when they started trying to crawl so I shouldn't be shocked)
As I look ahead at the rest of the summer we have a week of VBS preparation and week 2 of Abby's swim lessons, VBS the following week (in the evening), a beach vacation (can't wait!!!), Abby's birthday, then it will be time to get ready for back to school. Seriously it's crazy how fast this summer is disappearing! 

Is anyone else feeling their summer is too jam packed?



Traci said...

I just love that last pic. Too cute!! It's just crazy how fast time flies.

Anonymous said...

We are doing a VBS about the Fiery Furnace this summer and I absolutely love the picture you have from your VBS. Do you know how the furnace was made? Thanks! Kathryn