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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

first foods

Since Lexie has hit the 6 month mark and was already trying to steal mashed potatoes off my plate, I couldn't put off solids any longer. I'm not a huge fan of the baby food/solids stage... honestly it's just so much simpler when they are only nursing! Nothing to have to remember to bring to feed baby, no worries about which ones baby likes, which ones do/don't mess with their system (and  slightly less smelly diapers as well.) 
I tried, somewhat, the baby-led weaning method with Micah and he just didn't seem to get it. I think I'll try to do that some with Alexis but we are also doing baby food. 
 MMM.... yummy. So far we've tried green beans, sweet potato and peas. She didn't like green beans or sweet potatoes on day 1, tolerated them day 2, seemed to like them by day 3. Peas she gobbled up on day 1.

Such a big girl these days. :( (ya know in relation to a newborn who sleeps all the time)


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