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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Daniel in Babylon VBS

Last week was round two of VBS at our Church. It'd be too crazy and impossible to have all ages at the same time so they break it up 2-outgoing kinder in an early childhood camp and then incoming first-6th in a night time VBS. This was our first time to experience the Bibletimes Marketplace. Since it's in the evening (6-9pm) we've never done it before as this is the first year Abby was old enough to go. Since she could go, I signed up to work childcare for the younger kids of those volunteering to teach the older group, instead of dragging Micah and Alexis out past their bedtime to pick Abby up. This meant they got to experience the VBS as well because we did the same theme downstairs with the 2-5s. Everyone working and attending needed costumes to wear - so cute! 
 The whole Church was transformed into Babylon. The worship center was full of shops and the stage held the lions den and the fiery furnace, they even had a well set up in the middle. 
Abby and Micah had to check out the fiery furnace when we were taking some pictures before drop off time. 
My role for the week was a shop keeper. I ran the jewelry shop where we made the bracelets and we also made beaded necklaces. When I didn't have a rotation in my shop, I helped out in other shops (bread shop, music shop, thumbprint lions and the mosaic shop) or with the babies (since Alexis was over there.)
 I was able to sneak upstairs and take a peek at Abby during her tribe's snack time but I missed her in all her rotations. Instead of using the classrooms, they had ez-up tents set up around the upstairs, and each tent was one of the 12 tribes. (Though there were so many there were multiple tents of each tribe) Abby was in Asher and Micah was in Judah.
We created Chariots for the babies, but the little ones didn't like it so much since they couldn't see so the toddler class and the two year old class used them and we carried the babies. Lexie actually slept through praise and worship on my shoulder two out of the three days since she hadn't had her evening nap two out of the three days. The worship/drama team really did a fabulous job making the stories come alive! 
 Here's everyone for the final closing ceremonies. All 300 kids, teachers, teenage helpers, the younger bunch we were teaching, shop keepers and the parents coming to watch. It was quite the crowd. The worship music they used for the week was awesome and I still have the songs stuck in my head days later! I need to ask about a cd with the music on it when we get back. I was wishing I had one on our two days of driving we did right after VBS was over. 
It was a lot of work and effort put into getting everything set up, and lots of long, late nights for us teachers and kids but I think the kids really enjoyed it , I know mine did.



Traci said...

Adorable pics!!

Unknown said...

Do you have any details as to what you used to set everything thing up, and perhaps tips on where to obtain such things? Your set up looks absolutely amazing and we are thinking to do something similar this summer.