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Friday, June 08, 2012

what a week

We did not wait to jump right into summer over here! To get things started Grandpa came down for a (short) surprise visit. The kids were super excited as we hadn't seen him in almost a year. Abby and Micah tried to wear him out as best they could. They spent lots of time with him outside. Micah took out his tools Grandpa had given him for Christmas and they built planes from the scrap wood we had in the garage. 
 They also spent time riding bikes and of course lots of time spent hunting for rolly pollys. Of course they had to find more than just those.... like not one, but two tiny black garden snakes. 
On Wednesday, Grandpa headed home and the kids and I went to get some life jackets for our lake vacation coming up. Lexie was very cooperative and tried on her life jacket once we got home. The kids are very excited about our upcoming vacation.
 I've gotten in several gym workouts this week but a couple days I didn't head to the Y and instead we took walks. The first night Lexie made a couple small fusses but by giving her back her toy she stayed content for the majority of the walk. Tonight she made the whole walk with all smiles (and a mouth full of Sophie.) I'm enjoying the walks and while I love wearing Lexie in my (many) carriers, it also is nice when she'll ride in the stroller so we are trying to 'practice' so she'll do better when we are out at Sea World. 
 Lexie also learned to squeal this week. That meant that the other night she decided she didn't want to go to sleep and instead wanted to stay up and squeal... then woke up several times to practice in the middle of the night as well. Hard to be mad at such a sweet face and all the smiles though! 
(dark room + the lesser front camera on the iphone = very grainy pic)
Hope ya'll had a good week! Anyone have fun plans for the weekend? With out busy week, I think we'll spend the weekend recovering!

1 comment :

Traci said...

That life jacket is too cute!! After our crazy weekend last week I plan to have a pretty low key one this weekend.