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Sunday, June 24, 2012

Vacation - day 1 & 2

So I ended up taking a unplanned vacation from blogging and then we went on a real vacation where I again did no blogging. But I'm back and ready to play catch up! Aren't you excited? ;) 

We spent Father's day morning with Beau and then left him to rest/work while we took off to see my parents (Gigi and Pops) and brother. It wasn't too far a drive but plenty long enough, especially for the little guy who kept dropping things and couldn't reach them to pick them up again. He also surprised me and didn't fall asleep until the last hour of the trip.. way past when I expected, or wanted him, to sleep. Oh well. 

Abby and Micah were excited to see Gigi and Pops but even more excited to see Uncle Jeremy. I used joke that I'm chopped liver when we are around Gigi but last Sunday, Gigi was joking about sending Jeremy back to his apartment so he wasn't hogging all the kids attention. Lexie, wasn't too sure and was happy to smile at everyone... as long as she was in my arms. 

One of the first things the kids wanted to do was see the boat. This boat brings back many, many memories. We had an identical boat to this one when we lived in Lake Charles while I was growing up. This boat belongs to friends of my parents and we used to go boating together in identical boats, so they were able to borrow it for vacation. 
After a tour of the boat it was back to get swimsuits on and head out on the boat. It wasn't as choppy and busy on the lake as I remembered it when we vacationed here (Lake Conroe) when I was younger. We drove around a little bit then Pops stopped the boat and Abby couldn't figure out why we had stopped in the middle of the lake. We joked that we were going to throw Uncle Jeremy off the boat... and we did. We go the tube all set up and showed Abby and Micah how you could ride on the tube behind the boat. They were intrigued but unsure. Uncle Jeremy was able to convince them to go out with him one at a time and we of course went slowly. After a very short time Abby was all smiles and giggles and holding her thumb up, shouting at Pops to go faster! Micah got to have a turn as well and also enjoyed it. 

The next day we took the boat out again in the morning and headed to the small island in the lake to play in the water. Micah calls this "our own island" and is still very excited about it when he talks about going on the boat and to the island. 
Lexie even briefly, let Pops hold her. Then she wanted mommy back because she was tired and fighting sleep. She liked the boat... as long as it was going fast. The wind and sound of the motor put her in a sleepy trance. When we were stopped, switching out riders on the tube, she was not a huge fan of the boat. 
 While we were out we saw a big paddle boat on the lake as well. Very pretty. 
 Unfortunately after one tube ride for Abby and Gigi, the boat motor decided it didn't want to get in gear anymore and that was the end of boating for the vacation. Luckily we managed to get pretty close to the boat launch before the motor completely wouldn't go in gear. Being out on a boat, especially one exactly like our old boat, makes me really miss it. Fingers crossed maybe Pops will get a new boat one of these days and we'll be able to go back out on the boat in Lake Charles. I think my kids loved it as much as I did when I was a little girl. I'll need a bigger gas budget if he does so that we can make the drive to Lake Charles more often for boating weekends. I only got to go out on the tube one (Lexie only wanted me and the boat died before I got a second chance.) 

That evening we went to a bbq dinner, mini-golfing (no photos of that though because I didn't bring my camera or my phone... whoops) and went out on the pier to see the sunset and the kids were interested in the guy who was fishing out off the pier. I did bring my camera for that and got a couple adorable (of course mommy opinion here) pictures of Miss Lexie girl. 
 She gives the cutest cheesy grin these days. This isn't even as big as it gets either. I just love it! 


1 comment :

Traci said...

What a cute cheesy grin!! It looks like y'all had a blast.