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Sunday, June 03, 2012

Sweet summer

Sweet summer time is up on us. I'm excited for all that we have planned this summer and for the simple joys that summer brings all on it's own.

During the school year bedtime has been at 7 pm so they were asleep by 8 at the latest- if they went to bed later than 8, everyone was tired and grumpy by the next evening. Abby had to be at school, Micah is my early bird and doesn't sleep in and can't miss a moment especially if Abby was up. So with the later summer evening I'm trying to push bedtime back a little and attempted to keep them up later with a movie night in mommy's room.

That didn't last long for Micah, who was begging for bed at 7:15 and asleep by 7:30. He was a tired little guy. I did manage to keep them up until 9 last night with being at Bible class and not getting home until 7:15, dinner and then bed. I gave it a 50/50 they sleep in. Two out of three slept until 8! My only issue now is two days a week I have 8:10/8:30 workout classes we'll need to be out of the house for.... hmmm....

Which speaking of I'm currently so--- sore. I went to cycle on Thursday, pump (weight lifting class) on Friday, and yesterday CXWorks (insane ab class) & body combat (kickboxing) I'm ready to say good bye to all the baby weight.... It unfortunately doesn't seem to feel the same way....
After my workout we hit the pool. LOVE the YMCA - got my workout and "mommy/me time" in while my kids were in excellent hands and then we had a pool to go play in. We had a good 45 mins of playing, Lexie even fell asleep in the sling in the pool (I don't blame her... One of theses days I want to go to a pool I can have a float in and nap while someone watches the littles!) Then Abby made a friend (also named Abby) and took out the torpedo dive stick they could swim after. Micah threw his biggest tantrum ever over not being able to play with that toy, then not being able to go to the spray park (because I can't be in two places at once and stray too far from the pool Abby is still swimming in), then not being able to go home.... Yikes! So I had to give the 5 min warning to Abby and we left to get lunch.
All in all a pretty good way to start our summer. I'm looking forward to lots more time spent in the pool (though hopefully with fewer meltdowns), more snowcones, the two VBS programs (one in June for both Abby and Micah, one in July for Abby but Micah will get to join in since I'll be working in the childcare), swim lessons for Abby, a trip to the lake, a vacation to the beach... not to mention Sea World and zoo trips. I plan on keeping busy but not too busy I hope!

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