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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Story time and summer reading

We can't spend all summer outside. It's just too hot and too much sun, especially for little Lexie. That doesn't stop us from finding other fun things to do. One of our regular routines, to take some time out of the sun this summer is story time. Micah and I try to hit story time during the school year but he isn't always in the mood to sit still (busy little guy!) but with Abby by his side he pays much better attention. We have two libraries that are pretty close to us, we've been to the same one so far but we may try the story time at the other one next time to see which we like better. Last time we went to the other one, they have a substitute and she didn't hold Micah's attention.  
 After a couple stories and songs, the librarian has a craft for them to do that relates to the books they read. This week it was cards for father's day after reading a couple books about Dad. Last week it was dinosaur puppets and dinosaur books (right up Micah's alley - he was already wearing a dinosaur shirt.) 
 Abby took her card very seriously and did a great job at writing in her card.
 After story time and our craft, it was their favorite part... picking out books to read. The library offers a summer reading program that we are well on our way to finishing already two weeks into the summer. In addition to the library, HEB, Barnes and Noble and Half-price books offer their own summer reading programs - all of which have rewards (a shirt, book, giftcard) for completing. I have the form for HEB started and need to swing by the other two to pick up their forms or at least print out B&Ns.  
Does your library do a summer reading program? 

An added benefit of checking out new books? A few minutes of peace and quiet at home while they read them or sitting with them and reading to them. 



Traci said...

I remember going to story time & doing my summer reading program at the library. I'd completely forgotten about that!

Colleen Pence said...

Taking my kids the library each week during summer reminds me of how I used to spend summers with my mom. I always loved trips to the library. There's nothing like the excitement of picking out books, reading the amazing stories, and adding them to your reading list.

We love Landa Library and Brookhollow here in town but we've also spent some time at the Tobin branch. Maybe we'll see you at one of the story times soon!