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Thursday, June 28, 2012

Son Surf VBS

This week has been VBS (round one) for my Abby and Micah. The theme - the beach. The Church went all out on the decorations and all three wings they used were fully decorated with large wall murals on all the walls to complete the theme. It looked so cute everywhere! This VBS was for the Church's 2-outgoing kinder kids. 
While Abby and Micah were in VBS, Lexie and I helped take care of the VBS teacher's babies. Lots of fun playing with cute babies all morning. I brought in my double stroller and we used a couple other strollers and were able take them on walks around the building to see all the decorations and take a break from the room.
It did wear all of us out though. By the afternoon of day 2 my kids were melting down all afternoon because they were so tired! I got them to bed early and they were mostly refreshed for today. They looked cute in their VBS shirts today. 
After VBS, we dined in the wing that was decorated as if we were under the sea - murals on the wall, paper on the floor for a sand effect and blue cellophane over the ceiling that gave it all a blue cast to the wing. They had a potluck luncheon for all the teachers with brisket from a local bbq place. Very yummy. I was grateful to not have to fix my {slightly overtired} kids lunch when we got home. 
I'm thankful for all the teachers who volunteers to teach my kids this week as they had a lot of fun (as they always do in Bible class at our Church.)

1 comment :

Traci said...

The decorations are so cute!