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Monday, June 25, 2012

Lake Conroe - days 3-5

So on day 2 of the vacation the boat broke down and so there was no more boating to be had. We did manage to throughly enjoy the rest of our vacation. *Warning - very picture heavy!*

After a morning of swimming, I stayed with a napping Lexie while the kids went to see about checking out some board games and movies and they came back with another surprise.... night crawlers. Boy were they excited! They got ready to go fishing and Pops got his fishing pole. 
Of course my worm loving kids each fished out a night crawler and were very excited to show them to me when I came outside. 
We went out on the pier and Pops showed them to how fish. I wasn't sure if we would catch anything as the guy the night before wasn't having good luck and there was a rain storm coming in so who knew how much time we would have before it started raining on us. 
 My sweet, worm loving, girl..... 
 The first couple of worms ended up just being fish food as the fish were able to nibble them off but not get caught. Then we had some success! 

 Abby and Micah were more than willing, even fighting over who would be giving Pops the next night crawler. Whenever they could, they tried their hardest to get more worms out to hold while they fished... saying they were just getting the next one ready. Ha! 
They were able to catch another fish before the rain drops started coming down! 
That evening after bath time they got introduced to the game of Candyland. We don't have this board game. At first it seemed like it was going to be a short game with a pass almost al the way to the end for Gigi but then just about everyone kept getting sent back towards the beginning. Ha! 
We spent tons of time doing this each day. At the beginning of the week Micah didn't really want to be anywhere but the stairs. By the end of the week he was swimming around all on his own because he wanted to! (Since then we haven't been to the pool, but in the bath tub he's sticking his whole face in the water!)
On Wednesday, we had another set of bad weather set to come through and we decided to head to the boat show. The kids would have loved to climb into each and every boat there. Aside from a few meltdowns over who got certain fishing lures and such it was a fun time. Lots of pretty boats to want in the future. It would be hard choosing one. (Provided you had the funds for some of the luxury ones!)
The kids looked so cute in their matching outfits I couldn't resist trying to get a group shot.... much easier said than done though. They still looked super cute together even if they wouldn't all look at the camera! (And yes Micah refused to put his shoes on the right feet)

Thursday, we spent the morning swimming (again) an headed home after lunch. It was a wonderful little getaway. Thanks Gigi & Pops! Can't wait until Destin next month!


1 comment :

Traci said...

Fun! Love the pics in the matching outfits. It looks like I won't get a beach trip this summer. :(