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Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Aquatica - round 2

I was beginning to think we'd never get here but finally last week we got our first chance to go to Sea World as a family. This is important because I can't ride or take Abby on all those new fun water slides if I don't have someone to watch Micah and Alexis. So last Thursday, we got our chance. 

This isn't our first Sea World trip but we hadn't gotten our passes yet until that morning so we swung by HEB to pick up the fun cards for Beau, Abby and Micah (oh how nice it was when he was still 2!) You save $10 per card by buying them at HEB and they are hard plastic so much more durable to last the whole season of use. Of course you have to activate them by going online or calling.... which was much more difficult than it needed to be. The webpage was redirecting us to Bush Gardens instead of Sea World, and the phone call center couldn't understand Beau (I was driving.) Thankfully the ticket resolution center at the front gate was very helpful to activate them for us. 

We arrived at the gate an hour after opening which was perfect timing so the crowd to get in was minimal and after getting our cards activated, we were good to go and headed straight for Aquatica. 

My eyes were set on riding Stingray Falls. So I got Beau, Micah and Lexie set up and ready to play then Abby and I took off to wait in line. We had to wait a little bit and I think that made Abby even more nervous about the ride. The guards at the top would splash the tubes down and splash water over at everyone waiting which would have felt better if there hadn't been a breeze so Abby got cold. At the top it was hard to tell if she was more cold (she was wet already) or nervous. 
 We got in and off we went. Abby's face was very apprehensive and nervous around the first curve but it didn't take too long for that to be replaced by a smile. At the bottom we went under the rays and she was all smiles. Beau, Micah and Lexie were waiting for us. Abby got out and immediately wanted Beau to go with her to ride it again. 
While we waited for them to go through the line again, Micah got to play in the little kid pool and had a great time. Lexie played in the shade in the stroller after she woke up from her nap. 
 Then we hit Slippity Dipitty. This is one of my favorite new features that Sea World added in the Lost Lagoon to Aquatica transformation. Abby loved it from the first time she saw it. Micah was apprehensive about it and wouldn't play while Abby and I were in line waiting but once Micah saw Abby on the slides (and Daddy gave him a helpful first push) He didn't want to stop! I wish I could have gotten a picture of him going down the slide but my arms were full of Lexie and I was afraid to bring the camera in the water. 
We finally got the kids out of the water. We didn't even do a third of the things that Aquatica offers since they were having so much fun in the Slippity Dippity pool. There is always next time (love living so close by!)

We ended our day at Sea World with the Azul show because the kids don't think it's a trip to SW without at least one show. We had 3 very tired but very happy little ones by the time we left - signs of a successful day at Sea World... and we weren't even there all day. We had so much fun we went back again today.... I'm sure you'll see those pictures soon (if you haven't already on instagram) 
Look at those squishy cheeks! 

1 comment :

Traci said...

This place looks so fun!!! Those squishy cheeks are adorable!!!!!