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Monday, June 11, 2012

Alexis: 5 months

My sweet tiny babe turned 5 months old yesterday. Seriously how can that be? She celebrated by actually taking a couple decent naps for me yesterday instead of her usual many power naps. 
Lexie, you are such a happy, easy baby 95% of the time. You love to talk to us and to your toys - you have lots to say. You learned how to squeal in the last week and will get very noisy if we are not paying attention to you. 
I'm thinking the days of you staying where I put you are very limited. Already you didn't want to sit still for your monthly pictures and tried to eat your bear instead. You really love having a toy to play with. I don't remember Abby and Micah being so attached to a toy and it cheering them up if they were upset like it does with you. 
 You try to sit up from a laying down position - a mini-crunch sorta. You can almost do a tripod sit for a few seconds. Slow down girlie! I'm not quite ready to have to chase you around the house! You excel at rolling from your belly to your back. Two days ago (June 8th) you rolled over from your back to your belly for the first time. You had been going 97% of the way and just needed that one little flip to make it all the way but hadn't wanted to do it. Now you've rolled back to belly twice but you would rather be on your back so you flip right back over to your back when you make it onto your tummy. Which is good... maybe that means you'll wait to crawl a little longer than your siblings did. 

You still love bath time and are enjoying going swimming at the pool as well. You have shown a few occasional signs of stranger anxiety but not all the time. Thankfully we go to the gym and Church often enough that they aren't strangers (and let's hope it stays that way!)

You are not quite as addicted to nursing as your siblings. You refuse if you are full, even if you are sleepy. If you want to sleep and aren't hungry you'd rather be upright and rock with your head on my shoulder. You have the cutest sleepy signal where you try to burrow into my shoulder - that's when I know we need to get you all swaddled in your baby burrito and rock you. The burrito and rocking is like a baby sleeping pill and you rarely take too long to fall asleep. Both Abby and Micah thought they always needed to eat, even if it had only been 30 minutes since they ate last. It's a nice change. 
A little over two weeks ago you were 13 lbs 14 oz, based on the average of what you were gaining per week I'd guess you are about 14.5 lbs now. Which makes you my smallest babe (at 5 months.) You wear 3-6 month clothes and they fit with room to grow still. You are in size 2 diapers. 

We are still waiting on starting food until you hit 6 months.... or you start grabbing food off my plate. You are starting to show interest in trying to grab my cup (it has a bright pink lid) when I am carrying both you and the cup. You aren't showing too much interest in trying to grab at my food just yet. I want to at least get through our vacation without having to pack food and all that for you. Nursing is just much easier. 


1 comment :

Unknown said...

She's gorgeous Katie!!!!

Sounds like she's right on track for 5 months. Perfect little baby.

Annie, at 18 months, is still addicted to nursing.