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Saturday, May 26, 2012

weekend randoms

My parents were in town all last week and we ket pretty busy so we are having a fairly relaxing weekend. Well somewhat. Today ended up being busier than I wanted because we needed a trip to grocery store. So after the Y, the kids and I went straight to HEB to try and get it done before lunch so we wouldn't have to go out again after lunch. That worked pretty well minus the meltdowns towards the end but that usually happens no matter what. The Tillamook cheese loaf van and guys were there giving out samples and these mustaches. Abby and Micah thought these were fun. 
After lunch, Lexie went down for a nap and the big kids and I went out to play on the blowup water slide. Alexis decided she didn't really want to miss out on the fun and woke up earlier than I expected her too. So she came in the pool part of the water slide with us. She looks pretty darling in her tutu swim suit! 
Then it was off to Bible class for the evening. Lexie wore a sweet little smocked bubble that was mine when I was a babe. She looked so sweet. 

Tomorrow it's Church and home to play and catch up on chores. Anyone doing anything fun this weekend?