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Friday, May 11, 2012

teacher appreciation

First I have to say thank you to pinterest because there are so many cute teacher appreciation gift ideas on there! I did a little gift each day this week for teacher appreciation. 
Monday - glitter: "Thanks for making our class sparkle" 
Tuesday - Chips a hoy: "Thanks for making me one smart cookie" 
Wednesday - pens: "Thanks for being the 'write' teacher for me" 
Thursday - sharpies: "Thanks for making our class 'sharpies' "
and Friday - I have a little something for all Abby's teachers so her kinder teacher and for her art, music, librarian, computer and pe teachers. 

While Abby was at school Micah and I went to Target and picked up some pots from the dollar store. While Micah played I took out the silhouette and cut out some quick decoration for the pots to personalize them. After school I took Abby to pick some flowers to put in the pots. Since the rain had stopped (for the moment - we finally get fun play things for the backyard and it rains all week!) we headed to the back porch to plant the flowers.

Even Lexie joined in and enjoyed being outside while we planted the flowers.
Micah got more into the planting that Abby did. For a girl who likes to dig for rolly pollys and snails in the backyard, she didn't want to get her hands dirty from the potting soil. Micah had no problem helping out with that part!  
She did help did the hole to put the flowers in the pot and then she gave them each a little bit of water.
I think they look pretty cute!
 A little printable with "Thank you for helping Abby bloom" finished them off. Simple, easy and inexpensive so that I could do something for all her teachers.



Unknown said...

Cute ideas!!

Traci said...

Such a cute idea!! You're so creative!