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Thursday, May 31, 2012

swim lessons

The past two weeks Micah's been in swimming lessons. He's been having such fun in lessons and does a pretty good job listening and waiting his turn for being the baby of the group (just turned 3 and he's in the 3-5 year old lesson group.) 

He practiced blowing bubbles....
The back float... but he's not a big fan of this and unless he is resting he head on the instructors shoulder he tries to sit up instead of relaxing and floating. 
They had these animal floating things, smaller and less firm than a noodle to hold them around their middle to practice using their arms and kicking. Pretty cute. 
On Thursday, Micah got his chance for his 15 minutes of fame. Abby got hers last year. The news crew was there doing a story on swim lessons so Micah got to be on the news. 

Some more swimming with a noodle this time. 
And jumping in the water at the end. 
He had a lot of fun in swim lessons. He even did go under a couple times. He isn't swimming yet but of course I didn't expect him to be.

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