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Sunday, May 27, 2012

Sunday afternoon fun

We had barely walked in the door from Church when Micah started his begging to go outside and then Abby chimed in they wanted to play on the water slide. We only had a couple meltdowns while I got lunch ready because I wouldn't let them go out yet since I knew they were hungry (a big hint there was Micah also begging for a "nack!") Lexie hadn't napped more than 20 minutes since she and Micah had woken up at 6:45 so I got her down for a nap and quickly fixed some fajitas for lunch. I'd love to know how babies have that perfect timing to wake up from a nap, no matter how long they have or haven't been sleeping, right when mommy sits down to eat? Because that's totally what happens around here all the time! 

We would have gone out right afterwards but water wears them out so much and the sun is beating down on us in the early afternoon so I wanted to wait until a little later and let them rest since I had two early birds. So books and a few toys on their respective beds it was. I was able to get Lexie to sleep again since she still had only napped for maybe 50 minutes (in two different power naps) between 6:45 and 1pm at this point. But if I moved she would wake up so instead of cleaning up like I had planned I sat and enjoyed some sweet cuddles from my little love. 
Finally (in my kids opinion) nap/rest time was over and outside we went. It was a lovely day outside to sit on the porch with a nice breeze so it wasn't too hot (though this resulted in a very shivery wet Micah!) Lexie and I mainly stayed in the shade on the porch and played while Abby and Micah had a blast on the water slide.
They do think climbing up the slide is a little easier than climbing up the stairs though.
Here comes Micah!
 Lexie was easily entertained by watching Abby and Micah play. I was able to sit and enjoy some yummy tea my mom shared with me from Teavana that just opened in our mall. She got some to take back to her house and she shared a little bit with me. I'm really enjoying the youthberry/orange blossom combo - iced of course not hot in this weather! 
 Once Alexis was tired of the exercauser we pulled out the picnic blanket and rolled around on the porch. I just love her swimsuit. Okay I love all her suits I've found for her... little girl suits are just too darn cute! And putting on a wet swimsuit is no fun so a girl's gotta have several right? 
 Swimming/sliding makes for some hungry kiddos... we were outside so long they needed not one but two snacks. We had watermelon and some goldfish. 
And one more of my itty bitty can't run away from me sweet love. In fact I tried to take a picture of Micah and he put his hand up to say no!


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Traci said...

That slide looks so fun!