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Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Shark party!

Micah's 3rd birthday was May 5th (Cinco de Mayo.) Since it fell on a Saturday this year he got to have his party on his actual birthday. Hard to believe my little guy is already 3! 
 We started the morning with opening his presents from us.  He was very excited about his gifts - and I think he really likes his toy story figure set. He also got a 'big boy' bike from my parents - a balance bike. However he's such a little guy that he needs about another inch to be able to touch the ground while riding it so to him it's still a little 'scary.' 
 Then we went about the whirlwind that is party set up. No matter how prepared I think I might be the night before a party the morning of always seems so busy! Beau set up this sandbox he had built for the kids and I filled up the water table for the younger kids that would be coming. In the sandbox I put some shark teeth for the kids to dig for and find. 
 Uncle Jeremy came and the kids were excited to see him. Even Lexie gave him some cuddles! 
 Then the main party feature - the water slide. With two summer birthdays it seemed like a good deal to pick this up when it was on sale at the HEB grand opening. It was a hit! 

I also had a game of drop the shark in the tank which they all seemed to enjoy - and they got their own set to take home as a party favor.

 Then it was inside for cupcakes and singing happy birthday to Micah. 
(Thanks Wendy for this picture)
I think Micah really had a great party and fun time with his friends. He's still telling me about his party and that he's 3 now. 

1 comment :

Traci said...

Happy Birthday Micah!! That slide looks soooo fun!!