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Friday, May 11, 2012

instagram photo dump

Just a little Friday night instagram photo dump over here today :) 

Monday, I took the car for a car wash (to use my free car wash coupon I got when I got the oil changed and because with stage 2 water restrictions there is pretty much only one day a week you can wash your car and I always manage to miss it) Once washed I finally added our LSU sticker to the back window and these little family stickers my aunt sent us. Think it shows where our loyalties are? Micah wouldn't let me get away with not adding the dog either. :)
The kids are loving their sandbox in the backyard. If it would quit raining (yes I did just say we were on water restriction due to a drought for the past year and yet this week it's rained every day starting the night I got the car washed - go figure)
It's teacher appreciation week (here is what we did for most of Abby's teachers) but I didn't think her pe coach would like the flowers as much but he is usually drinking a coffee every morning while he does the crossing guard job in the parking lot so we got him a starbucks gift card... and even though it's been years since I had a frappacino (usually get a iced chai if I'm getting a rare starbucks treat) the mocha cookie crumble just sounded too good not to try. 
I took Abby out on a mommy-daughter date to pick out flowers for her teacher gifts and left Micah and Lexie home with Daddy. He saw Micah sitting at the table looking at Abby's nail polish.... just didn't realize he was actually painting his nails. 
Sweet girl and I got her dressed for her 4 month photo shoot
When Alexis joined our family we started slacking on the whole evening playroom clean up time. This week we've finally started doing it again. The first couple nights were rough - the first night it was even abandoned and early bedtimes were had by some very tired kids instead. Yesterday and today however Abby and Micah were super helpers and we got it all picked up in no time! So proud of them. Tonight Abby didn't even mind starting before Micah and I (as I was helping him put all his clothes back in his drawers since he had removed everything to get pjs.) 
Today we got the exercauser out of the closet and put together for little Lexie. She seemed to enjoy it... not as much as Micah did though. He climbed in and spent more time sitting in it than Lexie did (she was ready for a nap.) 
Hope ya'll have a great weekend! 

1 comment :

Traci said...

LOVE Starbucks so much! I've never had an iced chai but I like the hot chai. Hmmmm....