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Monday, May 28, 2012

Happy Memorial Day!

It's been a great Memorial day here. One of my three slept in... the other two not so much but they were content and we lounged and played until Abby woke up. Then it was off to swim lessons for Micah. We ate lunch and had quiet time. Lexie actually took a great nap - she's been hit or miss on those lately. So she was all cheery when she woke up. Can you tell? 
 Abby wanted to make silly faces... ha! 
And of course I got the best picture of all three actually looking with my phone instead of the camera. 
Daddy was home today so we all headed off to the pool... pretty luck like everyone else at the gym decided to do as well. It was at capacity when we got there but we were able to swim about 5 minute after we got there and the kids got to play in the spray park while we waited. The only other time it reached capacity was at the first pool party last summer. Micah had fun showing Daddy everything he'd be learning in swim lessons. 
We stayed for about an hour then we headed to get snow cones so that others waiting to swim could swim. Abby and Micah weren't thrilled to be done swimming and were already asking for the water slide before we even got buckled in the car to head home. So back in the water they went. If the goal of today was to wear them out, I definitely succeeded! 
To finish out the day, Beau grilled hamburgers, corn and some mixed veggies for him and served it with some watermelon. Yum! 

What a wonderful day! 

And a big thank you to those who serve and have served to protect our country! 

1 comment :

Traci said...

Swimming always makes me sooo tired & hungry!