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Wednesday, May 02, 2012

busy, busy day

Party prep is exhausting work ya'll. I think it will be worth it though. I have a very excited almost 3 year old for his shark party. We headed to hobby lobby and then by the new HEB. I can't believe I'm saying this but I love the new HEB (it's our local grocery store - pretty much the only option besides driving ll the way across town to the one Whole Foods or one Sprouts) Our new one is so pretty and has tons of new things. They have new, much easier to push truck buggies too. 
Oh and they have giant metal chickens. Beyonce anyone?? 
After lunch and naptime I got out the Silhouette to cut out some sharks for Micah's party... and since I had it out I decided to work on this project for the playroom as well. Alexis had other plans though and it took 3 times as long as I planned. She was a little out of sorts today poor thing - not wanting to sleep when she needed it mainly.
The big kids went outside to blow bubbles and I filled up the water table (to stop them from trying to play in the dog's water bowl - yuck!) Apparently playing with the water table is not as fun as having a water fight using the water table toys. They were both soaking wet in no time. I think Abby at least is maybe out growing the water table aspect of it as this is our third summer with it. Micah still plays with it when she's in school (though only a month left before she's out for the summer!)
I made them some quick popsicles with the zuko - love this thing! No wait time. These were very simple - cut up strawberries in diluted apple juice. 
I managed to get Lexie to sleep after nursing her again and carrying the swing downstairs (not as easy task - glad I skipped the in the morning or I might have been too sore to do that since it was a body pump class day) and finished my new playroom art. I just need to print some new pictures of the kids playing to put up in there and rearrange them all. 
Since I was distracted with a fussy baby I didn't get dinner prepped by the time I needed to get it cooked for dinner so we had a quick simple dinner instead and then off to bed for the littles. Now I guess I should go clean up from the little hurricanes and make lots of tiny shark fins. 


Me and My Boys said...

Hi Katie, I found your blog thru Kelly's Korner "Friend's" link-up! I live in San Antonio and immediately noticed your south Texas location.
You have a beautiful family!
Just wanted to say hi!

hollie marie said...

Hi Katie! Saw you were in South Texas from Kelly's Korner! What part are you in? I'm pretty close to Corpus Christi, but assume that's not where you are-- we aren't quite lucky enough to get a Whole Foods! (Bummer!)